Disenchantment season 1, episode 3 recap: ‘The Princess of Darkness’


In episode 3 of Netflix series Disenchantment, Princess Bean, Elfo and Luci get into serious trouble. Somebody call an exorcist!

After a fun night at the tavern, the raucous Princess Tiabeanie (Abbi Jacobson), the elf-ish Elfo (Nat Faxon) and cutely demonic Luci (Eric Andre) take a stolen carriage joyride.

They are hotly pursued by cops on donkeys. After ditching the carriage, the trio understandably attempts to escape. Not only could they be charged with grand theft carriage, but there’s a slight concern that a woman in the carriage may have drowned.

If that’s not bad enough for ya’, Bean then steals an intoxicant from her stepmother Oona’s (Tress MacNeille) purse. They recognize it’s wrong, but they do it anyway (a regular theme so far on Disenchantment).

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In fact, Elfo at one point says, “I’m kind of afraid to try this. Would you guys peer pressure me?”

All heck breaks loose! Elfo defeats a rooster in a cockfight, then they join a criminal gang who’s out to heist potatoes.

Before long, Luci and the gang convince Bean to break into her ancestral tomb and steal some of her family’s valuables.

Bean laments, “Sometimes when you pull off your grandma’s jaw, it really makes you stop and wonder, ‘Am I doing the right….'” That’s when she is stopped. As the newly acquainted criminals leave, Bean is arrested.

Exorcise in Futility

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Unsurprisingly, Bean’s father, King Zøg (John DiMaggio) is not happy with Bean. In fact, when Zøg consults with his cronies, they conclude that she is possessed by a demon. This is when they call upon Big Jo (Maurice LaMarche), considered to be the world’s foremost exorcist.

Interestingly, Luci is cast into Bean, with the purpose of being re-cast out, so these demon-extractors will leave her alone. Listening in through the door, King Zøg says, “Sounds like some quality exorcism.”

Luci saves Bean’s life, noting, “I saved your life, now I can go back to ruining it.”

However, such plans are cut short as he’s sucked up into a bottle for safekeeping (and eventual destruction) by Big Jo. A moral crisis then occurs. Should they try to save Luci, or should they remember that he’s a demon, and therefore may not have their interests truly at heart?

In reaching their decision, Elfo confesses, “I miss how he always pointed out my foibles and mocked me ruthlessly.” More to the point, Elfo and Bean together alone lack chemistry (though, honestly, you have to expect that on a show called Disenchantment ).

So, as a vague way to redeem themselves, Bean and Elfo head out to save Luci. They beat up the self-professed “gender neutral” thieves from earlier – you know, the ones who encouraged Bean to rob her ancestor’s tomb.

With very little effort they then defeat Big Jo, who seems thwarted after a slight case of falling into lava. However, Big Jo’s carriage careens out of control and breaks all the demon storage bottles, apparently unleashing evil upon the world (or something like that).

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Will they defeat the evil or totally forget about it for some other random, harebrained adventure? Who knows, maybe the evil isn’t even worth defeating at all?

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