Ghoul season 1, episode 2 recap: ‘The Nightmares Will Begin’


Part 2 of Netflix miniseries Ghoul reverses roles of interrogator and prisoner, as a new inmate taps into personal secrets no one should know.

When Ali Saeed (Mahesh Balra) first arrived at detention facility Meghdoot 31, he seemed larger than life. In fact, Ghoul did an excellent job of making him seem powerful — like he was almost beyond this world.

Of course, the job of an interrogator is to shrink everyone down, including those with influence and power. Still, Saeed is defiant, refusing to divulge his name and age to interrogators. The interrogators chain him up and take turns trying to extract information.

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When Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) is given a turn at him, she is halted by a single word: “Nidu.” This single word weakens her resolve, and she steps aside.

It’s claimed that there’s never been a bigger terrorist than Ali Saeed, so the authorities take extra special care to break him. They crank heavy metal music into his cell so he won’t sleep, but he deals with it.

Meanwhile, Nida dreams about removing a mask from a man named Abbu. It’s her father (S. M. Zaheer), who she so recently turned in as an anti-patriotic rebel! After he warns of needing to pay a price, she imagines shooting him in the head. Ali Saeed claps and she wakes up.

Guilt Complex

It seems everyone had nightmares overnight at Meghdoot 31 — or at least those in charge.

Nida reveals that Saeed called her by her nickname, “Nidu,” and says that only her father knows that. While not everyone knows what’s going on, there is a renewed tension, and a refined psychological need to conquer their captive.

Saeed is taken out of the box for the next round of interrogation, which promises to be more intense. Interrogator Gupta (Harry Parmar) reminds people that Saaed is responsible for bombings and instigating people to betray their country.

Much like The Kid in Hulu’s Castle Rock, Saeed here says “Listen, can’t you hear it?”

Then, spectral figures appear on surveillance screens, giving those watching the interrogation a surprise. Then Saeed asks if it was interrogator Gupta’s idea, or Chaudhari’s (Ajit Shidhaye). When asked which idea he’s talking about, Saeed replies, “The idea that you’re thinking about.”

While the interrogators stand mystified, Saeed looks again at Nida and says “Abbu.”

Gupta and Chaudhari suddenly start fighting, and Chaudhary stabs Gupta. The dying Gupta says they are all guilty, and prisoners cheer as officers carry away Gupta’s corpse.

It’s revealed that, at one point, Chaudhari and Gupta had killed a lady and her child. Apparently, a good ghoul sniffs around in your dirty laundry!

Not Human

Not to be outdone, Colonel Sunil Dacunha (Manav Kaul) gives an intimidating speech in which he threatens Saeed’s family. The prisoner doesn’t seem threatened, though, and beings to speak in ancient Aramaic.

A translator indicates Saeed’s repeating the words, “Finish the task.” Saeed then says, “Make the sinner realize his guilt and eat his flesh,” and begins taunting the Colonel about Preetika and Prerna, the Colonel’s daughter and wife.

In fact, Saeed starts repeating the Colonel’s words verbatim from after he beat his wife. This outrages the Colonel, who electrocutes the prisoner until, apparently, the electrocution takes out power in the whole facility.

When the power is restored, a spectral figure appears on the surveillance screens again. Nida Rahim is haunted by an evil presence looking like Saeed.

Incredibly, Saeed did not die from the electrocution. However, it’s the Colonel’s contention that the man isn’t human. He had no pulse. Nearing wit’s end, the Colonel calls upon an interrogator named Faulad Singh.

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He must be a big deal, as the guards beat metal pans and announce to inmates that Faulad is coming. As Faulaf draws nearer, Saeed says, “Now let the games begin.”

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