Star Trek to receive Governors Award at 2018 Emmy Awards ceremony


Star Trek is set to receive the Governors Award from the Television Academy during the 2018 Emmy Awards ceremony.

The Governors Award originated in 1978 and is meant to honor achievement in television of an exceptional and universal nature.

In the case of Star Trek that is particularly true, as the franchise has influenced scientific advancement and social and cultural progress.

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It has always been Star Trek’s mission statement to not just merely be entertainment — but to be a vehicle to examine difficult cultural and societal issues, including prejudice, cultural understanding, gender equality, sexual orientation, eugenics, genocide, and countless other complex topics.

Not only has Star Trek influenced society, but many scientific advances and discovery missions have been inspired by the franchise’s fictional technology and exploratory spirit.

More than any other show or series, Star Trek has affected the current state of science and culture that we take for granted and continues to promote cultural and social engagement and understanding today.

It has more than just universal impact, but also individual impact, nurturing thinkers, creators, scientists, humanitarians, and decent ordinary people since 1963.

Mark Spatny, chair of the Governors Award committee, said that Star Trek is the first television program that he remembers watching as a child and said that it was always ahead of its time.

"“Not only have all the franchises promoted inclusiveness and acceptance of all people, and inspired creative thought about space exploration and our future, but the technical innovations sparked by the franchise are incredibly significant to the evolution of television production, and also to the communication and computer tools we use in our daily life.”"

The first recipient of the Governors Award in 1978 was William S. Paley, the chief executive who developed CBS from a radio network into one of the major television networks in the US — and incidentally the network that first aired Star Trek.

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Other recipients of the Governors Award in the past include Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, PBS, Planet Earth, National Geographic Television, and Masterpiece Theatre.

Source: Variety