Hard Knocks season 13 finale recap: Cleveland Browns 05


The Cleveland Browns finished their preseason by dropping three of the more popular characters from this season of Hard Knocks so be prepared for some disappointment on the season finale.

The episode starts with the news that Mychal Kendricks is facing federal charges of insider trading. They then move to one of the meeting rooms where Nate Orchard and Myles Garrett are talking about it.

John Dorsey and Hue Jackson are watching a special about how insider trading hurts the team. Todd Haley asks if Kendricks is going to jail.

That was an unexpected opening for the Hard Knocks season finale.

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Hue Jackson has a team meeting and he tells them that the Cleveland Browns will release Mychal Kendricks for his actions.

The rest of the episode is about the 30-plus cuts that will come this week as the Browns need to get to the limit.

Devon Cajuste

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Devon Cajuste is working hard, and the narrator said that he is improving by the day. Cajuste said he doesn’t want to piss people off and he is told his Thursday night performance will go a long way.

John Dorsey said that Cajuste is getting a lot better at blocking. Hue Jackson said that learning to block is new for him and he is improving, and this will be a big game for him.

Devon’s dad can’t go to see his son play in Detroit. He might need open heart surgery and can’t travel to watch his son play in the final preseason game. He feels bad that he can’t be there to support his son. He said that this might be the one chance that his son has to make it work for him.

Carl Nassib and Nate Orchard

Carl Nassib is practicing. He has been focused on during Hard Knocks due to his financial planning and his hard play in the preseason. Gregg Williams tells him that he is doing great.

Nate Orchard is the same position as Carl Nassib and the narrator emphasizes that the two men might be competing for one position.

The D-line coach said that Nate knows what he is doing but isn’t consistent.

Myles Garrett asks why Orchard changes his stance whether it is a run or a pass and makes it clear he shouldn’t change stances. Garrett is giving Orchard some great advice on the stance he needs to use to make the most of every play. The two then work together one-on-one.

Todd Haley tells the players that they are still competing and there are players not on the team that they are even trying to prove that they are better then.

Brogan Roback

Brogan Roback will get a lot of game action in the final game against the Detroit Lions, and for him, it is a chance to prove that maybe another team needs to take a chance on him. Roback said he is excited and hopes he can convince the Cleveland Browns to hold onto him.

Cleveland Browns vs. Detroit Lions

Baker Mayfield is walking out to the field with Devon Cajuste and Todd Haley and both men are giving him some advice to help him while his dad watches from home on the TV.

Brogan Roback’s girlfriend is there.

Baker Mayfield’s first pass of the game was a great pass to Devon Cajuste for 41 yards. He hits Cajuste again on a third down in the drive. His teammates are on the sidelines cheering him on. On a fourth-and-one, the Browns go for it and Nick Chubb runs in for a touchdown while Cajuste blocks. Todd Haley congratulates Cajuste on the sidelines.

Devon Cajuste comes up hobbling on the next drive and has to come out of the game. He rolled both of his ankles on the same play but says he can’t quit because his job is on the line.

Carl Nassib is in the game. He forces a fumble by the Lions’ quarterback. Nate Orchard comes in and fights to get to the quarterback, hitting Matt Cassel on one play.

Nate Orchard then picks off a Matt Cassel pass and returns it 64 yards for a pick-6. The announcers say there isn’t much more Orchard needs to do to make the Cleveland Browns football team.

Brogan Roback starts the second half for the Cleveland Browns and wants to run up the score – if just to show what he can do. Cajuste is back in the game for the second half. He misses a pass from Roback that was thrown too late. He went 1-for-7 before he finally hit a pair of nice big passes.

On a third down, Devon Cajuste is called for holding (his fourth penalty of the night) to call back a first down run. The Browns recover and Roback throws his first touchdown pass of the preseason and Roback wants that ball to keep for himself as a souvenir.

Even his girlfriend is in tears in the stands. Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield are there on the sidelines to congratulate him as well.

After the game, Hue Jackson congratulates all the players on their 35-17 win. He said that he will help anyone who does not make the team.

After the game, Brogan’s girlfriend is crying, hugs him and tells him that she is so proud of him.

The Cleveland Browns’ Roster Cuts

The Browns’ coaching staff are in the room. Gregg Williams and Todd Haley are talking about having a life outside of the NFL.

The first 13 guys they plan to cut are already set in stone.

Assistant General Manager Eliot Wolf makes the first call. He is letting Brogan Roback know that he needs to come in. Roback is the first to learn that he did not make the team. Hue Jackson tells him that he is proud of him. Roback said he is grateful for getting reps and Jackson said that everyone is impressed with him.

Jackson tells him to keep working and he can make it in the NFL. He just had too much competition with Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield ahead of him. He said he is grateful for the opportunity and he will take the chance to make it with another team hopefully.

Up next, Nate Orchard is at home with his wife and kids. He is feeding his toddler. His wife talks about how proud she was of his interception and touchdown run.

Wolf’s next call is to Devon Cajuste, and he tells him that he needs to come in.

Cajuste considered turning in his playbook is an obstacle on the way to his destination. His meeting is with Wolf first, and the two men worked together in Green Bay before, which is likely why, and he tells Devon that he has come a long way, but they have to let him go.

He then goes in to see Hue Jackson. He tells him that he has improved so much but you never know what the future will hold. Jackson tells him not to give up because he is doing it right and is growing and learning and was a border player who made the decision hard.

Cajuste said that he can just control what he can control and hopefully he can get claimed by another team. He said that he is proud of the progress that he made.

Devon Cajuste them calls his dad to break the news. He tells his dad not to worry about it because other teams can still claim him.

Hue Jackson seems shocked when he sees on the news that the Oakland Raiders got two first round picks in a trade to the Chicago Bears. This is a big trade for an outside rusher and the Browns have to decide whether they will keep outside rusher Carl Nassib or Nate Orchard.

Wolf makes a call and it is to Nate Orchard.

Orchard heads in and the pick six was not enough to convince the Cleveland Browns to keep him and they will have to put him on waivers. Wolf said that they will put him on waivers and every team has a chance to claim him. If not, he is a free agent.

Orchard said it is part of the business, and it is tough since he had been with the Browns for three years.

Hue Jackson said he knows that this is not easy on Nate or his family, but his journey will not end here. It is tough, but he will make it through this. That was the quickest of the three cut conversations so far. Orchard said that if you can look up, you can get up and he has a beautiful family to support him.

Rookie receiver Antonio Calloway made the team despite early training camp problems with the marijuana. He gets a phone call from Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, who gives him some good advice. They will play on Sunday in the opening game of the season.

Josh Gordon is in a press conference and he said that he plans to play in the first game of the season. The reporters said that they saw him at his best – but Gordon said the best yet.

After the cut down to 53 players, one player hit waivers that the Cleveland Browns wanted so they had to cut one more player.

Shockingly, it was Carl Nassib – wiping out almost all the players that Hard Knocks focused on this season.

Hue Jackson tells Nassib that the Browns will have to waive him. He tells him that he has a bright future and if he can do anything to help him, he will. Nassib said he wishes he could have been there to help turn the team around but he understands.

Carl Nassib did not stay unemployed for long as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed him just two days later.

The 2018 Cleveland Browns

Jarvis Landry is getting a massage and his muscles aligned. He said that he is sacrificing family and human time and he wants a Super Bowl in exchange for his work.

The final move came when the Cleveland Browns called in Baker Mayfield and Drew Stanton and told the two players that he will make Baker the backup quarterback over Stanton but will keep three quarterbacks on the roster.

Hue Jackson then tells Baker Mayfield that he has done all the right things in training camp. He said that Mayfield needs to keep working and doing the right thing because he will be in the NFL for a long time and he earned this position.

Christian Kirksey is asked what the “What’s Your Why” means. He said he challenged all his teammates to post a paper with “why they are playing” on their ceiling or nightstand, so they can look at their paper when they face tough times.

When you hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go – and that is up.

He thinks this is the year that the Cleveland Browns will finally make it back to the playoffs.

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Hue Jackson said 59 percent of the team has completely changed this year and the Cleveland Browns have earned their stripes and they are here to win football games.

The episode ended with Baker Mayfield walking out onto the practice field.