High School Musical series coming to Disney streaming service


Wildcats rejoice: High School Musical is making a triumphant return to the small screen!

Maybe you grew up on it, perhaps you babysat kids who were obsessed with it, but chances are you’ve heard of High School Musical.

It’s the Disney Channel movie, released in 2006, that put teenage heartthrob Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens on the map. The songs are crazy catchy. As we speak, I can’t get “We’re all in this together” out of my head. You’re welcome for getting it in yours.

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And now, there’s going to be a High School Musical series on Disney’s new streaming service.

But how will the series differ from the movie? According to Deadline, the series will be a fresh take on the movie franchise.

The 10-episode show will be a documentary-style program of a high school who is putting on High School Musical as their theater production. They also say that each episode will include a new version of one of the original songs and a brand-new song.

Right now, the show is in the middle of casting their eight leads.

Ricky and Nini are the stars of the show and also dating. When Nini breaks up with Ricky, he decides to audition for the show to get her back.

You can read full descriptions of each character here.

There is no word on whether any of the movie’s stars will make any appearances on the show or reprise their roles. Efron’s pretty busy these days with his movie career. But I can’t imagine not bringing back fan favorites like Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale), Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), and Chad (Corbin Bleu).

Kenny Ortega, who directed and choreographed the movie, is not yet attached to the series.

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One thing’s for sure; a High School Musical series will be wildly popular and ready for a whole new generation to become obsessed with it.