Geoffrey Owens takes recurring role on The Haves and the Have Nots


Former The Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens is returning to television after Tyler Perry offers a recurring role on OWN series.

Tyler Perry recently reached out to Geoffrey Owens via Twitter to offer the actor a recurring role on OWN’s “number one drama”.

Owens gladly accepted the offer and is set to appear on the newest season of the crime drama The Haves and the Have Nots, which is indeed OWN’s number one drama.

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Owens will be appearing in 10 episodes of the upcoming season. The actor will join filming next week on location in Atlanta. Nothing is known about what Owens’ character will be or if Perry wrote the part specifically for him.

While Geoffrey Owens isn’t exactly an out of work actor, having recently had guest starring roles on episodes of NBC’s The Blacklist, Lucifer, and CBS’s Elementary, he has recently been spotted working at his day job at a Trader Joes in New Jersey.

This discovery went viral and caused an uproar among online commentators and fans alike. The idea of a successful, working actor having to support himself through an ordinary day job was shocking for some and laughable to others.

Many reached out to defend Owens, saying there was no shame in making your living where you had to. Among job shaming comments, many actors shared their own experiences as successful working actors with day jobs.

The former The Cosby Show actor, who had a recurring role as Elvin Tibideaux in the popular series, said in a recent interview that he lost some residual income when reruns of the show were removed from syndication after Bill Cosby’s conviction for sexual assault.

Owens likely isn’t the only one who is being punished for Cosby’s crimes and losing income due to the decision to remove The Cosby Show from syndication. While it is perhaps a sensitive decision and one that greatly penalizes Bill Cosby, the drawback is that it also penalizes all the other actors on the show.

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Perhaps one day there will be some kind of happy medium, in which Cosby’s rights to residuals might be forfeited while still allowing the rest of the cast to benefit. Cosby has caused enough pain and there’s no reason anyone else should suffer because of his actions.

Source: CinemaBlend