Iron Fist season 2, episode 6 recap: ‘The Dragon Dies at Dawn’


Danny makes one last attempt to save Davos in the sixth episode of Iron Fist.

There’s about zero chance Danny will be able to save his brother, but he wouldn’t be the hero if he didn’t try first. As Davos has pointed out throughout the series, he views Danny’s compassion as a sign of weakness. However, his desire to be better and to help people through less violent means is exactly why he’s a better Iron Fist than Davos.

“The Dragon Dies at Dawn” opens with Misty pulling together an impromptu interrogation with Walker and Joy. It’s hard to get a read on Walker because there’s no way to tell which side she’s walking on. Do her loyalties lie with Joy? Does she just want to get out of the city? She’s definitely become one of the more compelling characters in the Netflix/ Marvel universe. Meanwhile, Joy is genuinely terrified of Davos and seems almost ashamed of what she did to Danny. There’s no doubt that she still feels justified in taking her revenge, but Misty’s constant reminder that she’s a “worthless piece of sh*t” does look like it’s taking a toll on her.

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After getting information about the Crane sisters from the two, Misty regroups with Ward, Danny, and Colleen to decide on their next action. Ward is furious his sister could even think about hurting Danny, something heartwarming considering he tried to do the same thing last year. However, Danny acknowledges that their anger and confusion needs to be on the backburner while they try to stop Davos. The two guys are left behind while the girls head off to track down the tattoo artists who perform the ceremony.

On their trip, Misty talks to Colleen about her future because it doesn’t really seem like she’s willing to hang up the vigilante lifestyle. Colleen fires back and tries to open up a conversation about Misty taking the Captain’s job with the NYPD. Neither women really figure out what they’re planning to do but the whole conversation does feel like there’s a chance of the two opening their own Daughters of the Dragon agency.

It doesn’t take them long before they’ve tracked down the three tattoo artists. The three of them seem to represent the id, ego, and superego on this episode of Iron Fist. The ego, who speaks for the three women is hesitant to give up any knowledge. Another, the superego, is definitely leaning towards giving up any information on Davos. While the third, the id, silently jumps into battle without discussing it with either of the two women.

Ultimately, Colleen and Misty take the three down which also earns their help. The Crane Sisters agree to perform the ceremony again if the two can get their hands on the bowl and anything else needed. That seems like something to worry about on another night and the two head home to tell the guys the good news.

Problem is, earlier in “The Dragon Dies at Dawn” Walker approached Danny with a plan of her own. She secretly agreed to kill Davos for Joy, and convinces Danny that she’ll take him to his brother in exchange for her complete freedom. He agrees because he’s desperate to talk down Davos without any more violence taking place. Ward thinks he’s crazy, but it’s not like there’s anything he could say which would change Danny’s mind.

Especially because Danny leaving allows Ward to talk with his estranged sister in Iron Fist. For the first time this season, he has the high ground because Joy was the one to do something monumentally cruel. The two siblings are one of the most fascinating relationships throughout the Netflix/Marvel series and their confrontation is electric. Turns out, Joy singled out an attack on Danny because she couldn’t do it to Ward. She feels so much anger for the two of them, but neither seems to acknowledge her feelings.

The two men, but especially Ward, have been so occupied with wanting her to forgive them that they haven’t actually considered she wasn’t ready to. Maybe in the future, the Meachums and Danny can reconcile, but for now, Joy is ready to walk out of both of their lives without looking back.

Meanwhile, Walker and Danny make a detour to her apartment to grab some drugs and weapons. She opens up about her DID and how Mary never actually meant to deceive Danny. Later on, when they arrive at the building where Davos has been staying, Danny confronts her again. He thinks she only shared to make him more comfortable but that she’s actually planning to kill Davos. Although, turns out Walker does keep her word and only tries to disarm him once he shoots down Danny’s pleas.

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Davos doesn’t actually think he’s done anything wrong. In fact, he believes his murderous rampage through New York has stopped the Triad war from ever happening. However, Danny points out that he hasn’t stopped a war but just become another faction within the violence. The two brothers begin to fight while Walker tries her best to drug him. Davos manages to break Danny’s leg before the drugs quick in and Walker is left trying to get her unlikely ally to safety.

Unfortunately, Walker runs into one of her triggers which brings the Mary personality to the front. Earlier in this episode of Iron Fist, we learn that strobing lights, the sound of running water, and being in the cold for too long will bring Mary out. Danny reveals Walker is planning to flee to from the city and Mary decides she has to leave him behind before Walker comes back up. Will Davos come for Mary without realizing that this alternate personality poses no threat to him?

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