Atypical season 2, episode 9 recap: ‘Ritual-licious’


Atypical celebrates Casey’s 16th birthday party while Sam desperately clings onto their yearly birthday rituals.

Atypical got emotional in the penultimate episode between Casey’s 16th birthday party and Sam trying to hang onto their traditions despite Casey ignoring them. Not to mention, Doug and Elsa have palpable tension between them after sleeping together. Elsa may be on cloud nine, but Doug is most certainly conflicted, and can we blame him?

Sam announces to the family that he has adopted a penguin with his own money, and can we say how adorable it is?! To kick off Casey’s birthday, Sam kicks off the rituals by doing the Casey sandwich hug with the entire family.

Did we mention that Sam has a new girl in his life? Yes, in this episode we see him making out with Bailey but the only caveat is that it has to remain a complete secret. Let’s see how long that lasts!

Even though Casey is not a fan of surprises, Elsa decides to throw Casey a surprise birthday party. It doesn’t go exactly as planned given that Sam won’t leave Casey alone about the rituals, Izzie shows up to the party because Elsa invited her, and she and Casey nearly kiss!

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We learn the reason that Sam is so eager about completing all the birthday rituals because in past years when he didn’t, his tortoise died. And if everything else isn’t complicated enough, Doug is being haunted by visions of the bartender Elsa slept with which makes for some awkward moments as Elsa throws herself on him.

Luckily, the mood of the party turns around after Elsa sends everyone else home and Casey can finally let loose and enjoy. Elsa and Sam realize that Sam’s rituals and Elsa throwing the birthday party are their desires and not Casey’s and finally let her celebrate her birthday the way she wants to.

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The penultimate episode leaves us with simultaneous feelings of excitement and fear as Sam finds out he got into Denton in the scientific illustration program while Doug shows up at the dive bar ready to confront the bartender.

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