Iron Fist season 2, episode 10 finale recap: ‘A Duel of Iron’


As one journey ends, another begins in the season two finale of Iron Fist.

“A Duel of Iron” literally deals with the dueling natures of the characters throughout this season of Iron Fist. Danny and Davos, Joy and Ward, Mary and herself, Colleen and her past, all of these things have been a culmination of the past two seasons. In a way, this finale feels like an ending to the chapter which begun in season one. The flash forward teases a new story to come, and the possibilities are endless.

The actual fight with Davos doesn’t last very long, and that’s a good thing. All of the highlights from this season have involved the character-driven moments. It’s nice to see how everyone deals with the consequences of their decisions from the past ten episodes rather than draw out the transference ceremony.

Naturally, Davos doesn’t take too kindly to Colleen having part of his power. The two are immense pain, with the serpent desperate to be whole. Davos levels the dojo before taking off to regroup back at the warehouse. Unfortunately for him, Walker has set up in the highest corner of the warehouse waiting for his return. “A Duel of Iron” has her happily singing a tune as she disposes of Chen’s body and gets ready. It’s the only time we’ve seen her enjoy violence this season, and it’s interesting seeing the different personality quirks for each alter.

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Davos doesn’t find it quite as interesting as he tries to avoid each of her shots. Eventually, he uses the fist to knock her out of her vantage point to force a ground pursuit. Before she can strike, Danny and Colleen come running into the warehouse to interrupt this plan. Once again, Danny asks Walker to not kill Davos since they need him. Before he can explain much more Davos comes flying from behind to take down Colleen forcing Danny to take on Walker.

Just as Walker is about to take him down, Misty comes blasting out of the locked room where Walker had placed her. While she loses her “Maserati” arm during the fight, the two do subdue Walker by triggering the sprinkler system and using a phone as a strobe light. This brings out the Mary personality, who gently ends the fighting before introducing herself to Misty.

Danny goes to Colleen’s side where the two go up against Davos. The fight ends relatively quickly not that Danny is there to tip the odds in their favor. Colleen completes the power transference and Davos begs her to end him. She informs him that would make her no better than him before walking away. The greatest punishment he can suffer is knowing he not only lost the power of the fist but to the woman he continually called a “whore” throughout  Iron Fist.

Now that this war is over, where does that leave everyone? Davos is headed to prison, with Danny still offering him compassion and hope for a better path. Misty is unsure about taking the Captain’s job still, but she does mention “Knight and Wing” has a nice sound to it. Could a private investigation business be in the near future? Could Daughters of the Dragon actually get a series? It definitely seems like Netflix is considering the possibility even if nothing is official.

Walker isn’t in jail, but she’s definitely not heading into hiding like her previous plan. She confidently strolls into Joy’s place but is surprised by a hobbled Joy holding a gun. Joy tosses the bag of money to her and begs her to leave. Unfortunately, an escape isn’t what Walker is looking for anymore. She wants answers, which means she’ll need the Rand connections, influence, and money to get them. Looks like Joy will be paying for her mistakes next season as well.

Ward ends this season of Iron Fist on a path towards something positive. He finally is able to open up at NA where he reveals just how lonely he feels. It’s the most emotionally raw we’ve seen him in a long time and Tom Pelphrey is absolutely captivating. While this is a step in the right direction, it isn’t quite large enough for Bethany to forgive him yet. She wants to deal with pregnancy on her own for now because she’s not sure whether he’ll backslide again. It’s easy to see her as being a little too hard on him, but it’s actually a pretty justified fear to have with an addict.

What kind of person will Danny be without the Iron Fist? Everything in his life is unclear now that the battle has been won. Especially with Colleen, with their relationship being unclear. He had her cross some personal lines this season, some she said would be hard to come back from. While they both still care about one another, their relationship is definitely no longer in the honeymoon stage. She heads to Bayard to let Mrs. Yang know that there’s a new hero in town who will be watching her illegal activity.

When she returns home, Danny has left. He discovered on the back of her family seal the mark of the Iron Fist. He leaves a letter where he explains the reason for him taking off. Turns out the Pirate Queen from her mother’s story is actually the first woman to wield the Iron Fist. He believes it wasn’t chance that led them to meet in the park, but it was his destiny to bring the fist to her so she could take up the mantle.

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In the flash forward, she does just that. Colleen uses her fist to stop crime, and it lights up her ancient katana. Danny and Ward, who embarked on a soul-searching mission to Asia, have also become a well-oiled machine. Their friendship has been one of the best parts of this season of Iron Fist, and it’s fun to see the two going on missions together. They’re looking for whoever supplied Davos with the corpse of a former Iron Fist, a man apparently named Orson Randall. Danny also stole some guns which apparently have some sort of power from the dragon.

How will this effect a potential season 3 of Iron Fist? That’s yet to be seen but this certainly feels like the beginning to a whole new chapter for all of the heroes.

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