Iron Fist season 2, episode 7 recap: ‘Morning of the Mindstorm’


Iron Fist puts Danny at his most unlikeable this season in “Morning of the Mindstorm”.

For the most part, season two of Iron Fist has avoided making Danny come off as selfish because his intentions have been pure. “Morning of the Mindstorm” stumbles in that regard because he’s become blinded by his battle with Davos. This episode reiterates the point Joy made to Ward in “The Dragon Dies at Dawn,” that both he and Danny often disregard other peoples’ feelings in situations.

After getting his leg shattered by Davos, Danny is in the hospital with a Rand brace attached to his leg. He’s anxious to get back to work and leaves the hospital with a cane to go home. Luckily, Misty offers to go hunt down more information regarding the bowl and the ceremony which stole the spirit of the dragon. Meanwhile, Colleen reminds Danny that he can still help Davos by spreading the word to people in need rather than through fighting.

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The two go to the Bayard to hang posters but Danny is moping a bit. He doesn’t want to see his brother hurt, even though Davos is currently on a murder spree. Colleen can relate, because of her time with The Hand and Bakuto. He seems to let it go after their chat, but it’s clear things are far from over.

“Morning of the Mindstorm” shows that Misty is going to be on her own when it comes to stopping Davos. The police in Chinatown are more than willing to drag their feet on this case because Davos is doing them a favor by killing Triad members. Detectives like that are a reason why Misty feels as though the Captain’s job could help clean up the streets. It doesn’t stop Misty though, who heads over to Joy’s apartment for some more information.

Joy isn’t coping well with the knowledge of Davos still on their street in Iron Fist. She seems to be building herself a fortress similar to Trish Walker’s on Jessica Jones. While she’s not happy about answering any more questions for Misty, she eventually relents and tells her where to get more information about the mystical bowl.

Heading to the auction house, Misty learns a little bit more from Mika Prada. Unfortunately, there are no other bowls left around the world like the one Davos has gotten his hands on. She does have a legendary scroll which explains what exactly the ceremony requires. Misty snaps some photos before returning to Danny’s and Colleen’s.

This is where Danny really resorts to an inconsiderate level. He thanks Misty for the scroll pictures but asks Colleen to train him to fight again. Season two of Iron Fist has followed Colleen try to distance herself from both teaching and unnecessary fighting. She tells Danny she doesn’t want to and isn’t able to do this for him. Soon that request seems to turn into a demand. When she shoots him down again, Danny decides he’ll train himself and proceeds to turn their living room back into a dojo.

Colleen justly points out that he can’t make unilateral decisions about their apartment or their lives. Eventually, she relents after hearing him hurt his leg attempting a proper kick. But it’s unfair of Danny to simply cast aside the feelings she’s dealing with after Bakuto and expect her to “get over them” on his schedule. At least she gets to beat him up a few times now that she’s his sensei.

She isn’t the only one stepping into the role of teacher. Davos has recruited BB and his squad to become his new pupils. The kids are apprehensive, but they seem to join him by the end of “Morning of the Mindstorm”. Joy has also rejoined Davos, but it looks like she’s only doing so in an attempt to make amends with Danny. For now, Davos trusts her, but things could easily end poorly if he discovers her trying to steal the bowl.

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Iron Fist also dives a bit further into Mary Walker’s backstory. This season revealed she was formerly in the military and Rand had contracted her in the past. Now we get to see her alone inside a cage, bloodied and beaten. Her DID probably surfaced then, as a coping mechanism for the trauma she was involved in. Mary leaves a recorded message for Walker, begging her to get help so the two of them can get better. However, first, she hopes Walker can protect Joy, which the Meachum sister will definitely need moving forward.

While this episode felt a little bit like filler, it’s understandable that Iron Fist would want to move all the pieces in line for the second half of the season. The scene between Danny and Colleen could have been handled better, but ultimately she would need to train him to fight Davos. We already know about the bowl, but Misty needs to learn more so the good guys can catch up.

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