The Gifted: Season 2 premiere photos and what to expect


The Gifted is only a couple of weeks away but FOX has revealed a handful of new images for the season 2 premiere.

Last season ended with the Mutant Underground left fractured and hopeless. Now, The Gifted has picked up the remains of the shattered group while they deal with two new factions of mutants. The latest pictures for the premiere, “eMergence”, tease the different groups and where they’ll start season 2.

Missing from the recent photo drop are the newest group, The Morlocks. However, they were seen in the explosive trailer from San Diego Comic Con. It’s unclear if they’ll make an appearance in the premiere, which might be why they’re missing from the pictures.

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Instead, The Gifted photos focus on what’s left of the Mutant Underground and the Hellfire Club. According to TVLine, the Underground will have undergone some changes throughout the time jump. Caitlin might not be getting powers (that we know of), but the site teases she’ll adopt a more “Sarah Conner” type attitude. She’s become a warrior with the mutants, probably out of necessity and to cope with losing her son. Meanwhile, Reed will have his own set of problems since his mutant abilities are starting to develop.

Lauren might be tempted to reunite with her brother, with TVLine also mentioning her parents will fight to get Andy back but worry about losing her too. Thunderbird will also have some romantic woes with Blink feeling more attached to the Morlocks. Considering that relationship felt a little bit underdeveloped from the get-go, it might be nice to see the two take a step back and think about their future.

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What about the Hellfire Club? “eMergence” will deal with Polaris giving birth to her daughter, something that’s bound to have a big impact on The Gifted. This is the granddaughter of Magneto, someone the Hellfire Club will be desperate to nurture into their own warrior. The new addition, Reva, is promised to be a cruel and pragmatic leader who will have a more personal connection with her crusade. Finally, Andy is getting a love interest to match his new bleach blonde hairstyle. It looks like The Gifted plans to amp up his angst-ridden teenage years to the extreme.

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