Ozark season 2, episode 10 finale recap: ‘The Gold Coast’


The Ozark season 2 finale leaves us with an impending sense of doom surrounding the future of the Byrdes.

Ozark had a solid second season full of twists, turns, and another dangerous adventure for the Byrde family. The premise of the series so far has been to get the hell out of Dodge but yet it seems the harder they try, the more difficult it becomes to shake free of this life they are leading.

In the season 2 finale, the casino is officially a go and for a moment, it seems like everything may be coming together. Helen and the cartel are content with how everything ended up and the town is singing their praises, plus the Snells are only half an issue. Well, not even considering Wendy gave up Zeke so Darlene could adopt him. Not entirely sure this is the brightest idea but it seems to be the only way to keep Darlene out of their hair.

Agent Petty is also eliminated as a threat in the season 2 finale by the hands of Cade, who is then shot point-blank thanks to the workings of Marty and Wendy. All threats really seem to be neutralized, so could this finally mean off to the Gold Coast for the Byrde family? Nope, not at all.

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In preparation for leaving, Marty decides to leave everything in Ruth’s control who will take over all the businesses for him. Not even the news of her father’s death could bring her down. Even Wyatt is moving on with his life as he heads off to college.

But not everything is exactly rainbows and butterflies, because Marty did screw over the Kansas City mob. This won’t be a problem since the family is going to run away right after the casino opens, right? Wrong. Wendy drops a bomb on Marty when she tells him they aren’t going to leave, and they will stay put. This is great and all but Marty has been stringing along the mob assuming he wouldn’t be around to deal with the damage. But with Wendy’s change of heart–what does their future look like?

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While the final moments of the Ozark finale show the Byrdes gathering for a family picture, it’s very evident that things are far from perfect and the dreams of heading to the Gold Coast just a far distant dream. And just like that, the second season wraps up with a cringy, frightening feeling that it’s about to get a whole lot worse for the Byrde family.