Patrick Stewart tweets ‘the journey has begun’ for new Star Trek show


Sir Patrick Stewart, aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard, hints at the start of production for new Star Trek show on CBS.

Jean-Luc Picard is officially reporting for duty! Patrick Stewart, the man behind the iconic Star Trek: The Next Generation captain, tweeted a cryptic photo of himself and the CBS Star Trek writers’ room with a simple caption – ‘the journey has begun’.

Stewart is referring to the as-yet-untitled new Star Trek show that CBS will be releasing. So far, the only details of the show that we have are that it will take place 20 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis in which the USS Enterprise was destroyed after Picard battled his Reman doppelganger, Shinzon. The show is said to feature a different Jean-Luc than fans have become used to, as he will be affected by all that he has been through during his tenure at Starfleet.

No other cast members have been announced for the show, though Rosario Dawson – known for her recurring role in the Netflix Marvel shows as Claire Temple – has evinced interest in being on the show. Inverse revealed that during Dawson’s appearance at the Tribeca TV Festival, she said:

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"“I grew up loving Star Trek and I’m still waiting for my holodeck. My favorite is Next Generation because of Jean-Luc Picard. If they need a Klingon for the new series, well, have you seen my fivehead?”"

Well, I would certainly love to see more diversity in Star Trek shows, so Dawson definitely has my vote, be it as a Klingon or not.

With no news on whether the Kelvin universe films will return, now that Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth have both left the rumored fourth film, and Tarantino’s film still up in the air, it is a relief for Trekkies to return to their favorite quadrants in the galaxy.

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After a long spell without Star Trek shows, fans are reveling in CBS’ new push for more original content. Star Trek: Discovery has become a fan-favorite for the majority of viewers and will be returning for its second season in early 2019. Alongside the Patrick Stewart show, four mini Short Treks of Discovery characters will be released monthly from October onwards on CBS All Access.