Shameless season 9, episode 3 recap: ‘Weirdo Gallagher Vortex’


On this week’s Shameless, Fiona bought into ten percent of the real estate cake (and likely one hundred percent of Ford).

Frank sold out in order to get Mo White to buy in, and Debbie is doubling down on her new movement on Shameless. Not even the aging canines had to face death this week, though Ian is still seeking the voice of Shim.

The first few seasons of Shameless set the audience up to believe Lip would be the Gallagher to escape the vortex of poverty and substance use. However, it is Fiona’s endgame in the real estate business lifting the Gallagher tide.

Fiona is becoming her role model, with Liam running things eventually. If the risks Ford are worried about do not become reality, and after Liam completes an internship with a lengthy service record from the University of Chicago. Thirty percent return on an empty lot sounds optimistic to pessimist Ford.

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Before Liam can rule with Windy City real estate empire, he must conquer public school. Despite Lip’s advice, Liam insists upon wearing his tie. Writing in cursive only served to impress the teacher, while bargaining for homework trades brought Liam much needed protection.

Public school is rough, even and especially for those reading above their grade. The greatest ability is availability. The rest is just social conditioning, and it keeps the proles clocking in on time. Liam is bound for a higher station in life, provided he keeps security tight.

While two of the more common Gallaghers move up in the world, two of the smartest are settling down into common Southside life. Lip and Debbie were always intellectually gifted in a part of the city that isn’t. The grind has worn them down into a smart blue-collar worker, just trying to take care of a kid. Lip seems more concerned with Xan than Debbie spends time with Frannie nowadays.

Debbie is enjoying her hi-jinks with her new welder woman friend. Welding dicks to coworkers cars is not the best way to start negotiations with management but it is gold for building team morale on Team Woman Welders.

Lip is on a non-alcoholic downward spiral. Losing Yannis, most all affections from women, and his own unfulfilled potential has Lip looking to save too many lost causes. All the while, he could be helping himself by sponsoring another alcoholic with a kid. Instead, Lip is likely looking at kidnapping charges.

And Lip still has enough of the high road to ask Ian just exactly he is doing. Ian is waiting for Shim, god, a gender-less entity that is may or may not be, to speak to him. Being locked up in county was a spiritual experience for Ian, though not as enlightening as it seemed at the time. Ian is no longer free to walk the streets, for the Gay Jesus movement has been hijacked.

Frank is seeking to disrupt the political balance of the South Side. Frank spent the episode setting up his campaign strong hold and espousing the lesser merits of self help religious culture. There is a great merit to walk around cash though, as it is the life blood of any campaign.

Carl’s effort to be admitted to West Point is paying off. His kindness in comforting those who lost the furry friends is exceptional, as is his care for the not yet deceased dogs. However, his love for country and dedication to service pales in comparison to Veronica’s level of care and attention to Carl over the years.

Carl is surely Veronica’s favorite Gallagher at this stage of the show. Fiona and Veronica parted ways years ago.

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The Alibi, upon closer inspection, is a bit more rapey than even the normal costumers were aware. With a few changes and the right symbol projecting the right message, The Alibi could have female customers that aren’t confused for escorts.

Kevin’s sign is unlikely to work, and it is doubtful any of the patrons could properly seduce a woman into signing a consent form. However, Frank does have free shirts, donation’s preferred. What more does Frank have planned to roll out the White is Right message? Stay tuned to Shameless on Showtime.