Judith’s role to expand in The Walking Dead’s future


She hasn’t uttered more than a word or two of dialogue (to be fair, she’s a one year old), but Judith Grimes may be the future of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) final episodes and guaranteed departure from The Walking Dead will have the biggest impact on the show to date. Softening the blow would have been to see his son, Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), succeed him as the shows lead, but Carl was killed off midway through last season.

Since the beginning of The Walking Dead (both the comic and the T.V. show), there’s always been a Grimes at the heart of the story. That doesn’t have to go away, as there’s still going to be one family member left. Judith (played by twin actresses Chloe an Sophia Garcia-Frizzi) may not be related to Rick by blood (she’s the daughter of Shane and Lori), but Rick became her adoptive father since the moment she was born.

The Walking Dead’s executive producer, David Alpert, hinted to the Huffington Post that Judith Grimes could be the future star of the series.

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"“I used to say Carl would grow up and have kids and that his kids would take over with all his grandkids, so obviously it can’t work like that, but Judith, she’s a little ass-kicker. I think it’s possible we could see Judith grow up and take over the whole team.”"

Fortunately for Judith, the show doesn’t always follow the comics. The character was killed along with Lori during the Governor’s siege on the prison.

Taking a page out of Carol’s (Melissa McBride) book–who’s long outlasted her comic counterpart (comic Carol died around what would’ve been Season 3 of the show), Judith dodged that gruesome fate at the prison and is still very much alive on the show today.

It will take some time, that’s for sure, but if the show can maintain its massive fanbase (and maybe a few more time skips), there’s no reason why Judith Grimes can’t be the future of the show. That move likely won’t be right away, as there’s so much else to focus on with the oncoming Whisperer War, Michonne inheriting some leadership, and the fallout from the loss of Rick. We’re already in for a time jump in Season 9, so Judith will be a year and a half older and will likely already have additional screen time.

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More lines and character development are sure to follow. Maybe some interactions with Negan?

With all of the loss, cast shake-ups, and changes for the show, we must protect Judith Grimes at all costs. Keep Judith alive.