Monica Raymund to star in Opiate epidemic drama P-Town


Chicago Fire actress Monica Raymund to star in Opiate epidemic drama P-Town on Starz.

Actress Monica Raymund, who was a regular on the show Chicago Fire for six seasons, has been cast in the upcoming drama P-Town, which will begin production in March.

The drama series is set in the beach town of Provincetown, Massachusetts with the heroin epidemic as a backdrop.

Raymund will star in the Starz drama as a law enforcement officer who finds herself immersed in the world of the opioid epidemic as it slowly creeps through the beach town of Providence, stacking up a body count as it does.

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Apparently, Raymund’s character is no stranger to the world of addiction, as the new professional challenges she faces causes the challenges she faces at work and in her own life to blur together.

The underlying concept of P-Town is a twist on the concept of heroin and heroine. The two words may sound identical and only have one letter separating them, but what a difference is in that one letter.

But her character’s history with addiction has an upside in this situation, as she has insight into the nature of addiction and a different perspective of how the drug trade works.

Additionally, calling the show P-Town is another interesting decision. Opiates, including heroin, all come from a plant known as poppy.

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A law enforcement official with a history of alcohol or drug abuse is a well-known trope in crime stories, as in numerous private investigator stories as well. So it’s good to see that the creators of P-Town have done something new with the idea.