Better Call Saul season 4, episode 9 recap: ‘Wiedersehen’


Jimmy and Kim show no signs of stopping in this week’s Better Call Saul as they embark on yet another con.

Better Call Saul gave us a fairly good idea of the direction that Jimmy and Kim are going to take as individuals and as a couple. The episode kicks off with the two of them running another scheme. But this time the stakes are higher as they are using Mesa Verde to do it.

Kim goes into the City Hall of Lubbock, Texas with blueprints for a branch expansion, and she asks the clerk to see the ones that have already been filed in hopes of swapping out one for the other without the clerk finding out. It’s quite an elaborate scheme that involves Kim pretending to have a kid, Jimmy pretending to be her brother rushing in and saying he left her kid in the car, and then strategically leaking a bottle of milk onto the filed plans.

Bringing life to some stellar acting skills, Kim starts breaking down and the clerk says she can use her copy instead of going through the refiling process. However, with the clerk’s back turned, Kim swapped out the expansion completely. This new expansion would give way to one that is bigger and was asked of her in the last episode.

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Despite all the conning, Jimmy has something serious and legitimate to take care of this week on Better Call Saul. It’s been a year since his license was suspended and he is now up for a possibility of getting it back through his hearing.

Jimmy shows up ready to take on the panel of lawyers that will be questioning, and he does a pretty genuine job at answering the questions and tackling whatever was thrown at him. All seems to be going well until one of the panelists asks him what the law means to him.

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It’s probably around this point he lost the interest of the judges, and it continued to get worse when he named the law school he went to as his biggest influence, rather than his dead brother.

He walks feeling like he has it in the bag, but the reaction of a panelist begs to differ when he confronts. Realizing he’s been rejected, he throws a tantrum of frustration because he doesn’t understand what went wrong and how he was insincere during any of it.

When Jimmy goes to see Kim, his anger has not subsided and he continues to be frazzled by the outcome of the hearing. He will have to wait out a year to reapply again which means he will have to figure out what he wants to do.

When Kim asks about talking about Chuck, she’s surprised to hear that Jimmy says that he didn’t think he had to mention him.

This instigates a brutal fight between the two of them as they go back and forth about things that they’ve keeping bottled up. When they return home, Jimmy is packing his things when Kim approaches him to ask if he still wants to be a lawyer. When he responds yes, she says they will start with that.

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Things at the lab construction site are chugging along except for no problem–Werner is homesick and wants to go to Germany for a few days to see his wife. Naturally, Mike says no but this doesn’t stop Werner from finding a way to escape and make his way back home.

This episode of Better Call Saul also introduced Lalo Salamanca who is quite the interesting character. He pays his uncle Hector a visit and gifts him a bell (yes, that bell!) that he can use to communicate with. We’re not sure how we feel about Lalo but something tells us, he’s going to be around for a while.

Better Call Saul airs every Monday on AMC at 9 PM EST!