A Million Little Things season 1, episode 2 recap: ‘Band of Dads’


The guys join forces to help Jon’s kids through their individual crises while Eddie and Delilah try to navigate through their unusual situation in A Million Little Things.

A Million Little Things has its moments that tug at your heartstrings and some that make you question the future of the series. In the aftermath of Jon’s suicide, his family and friends are trying to trudge forward in the best way they can.

This week’s episode begins with Gary and Maggie hooking up as she reveals that she has just moved from Chicago. There is something shady about her, and as this episode illustrates, there are secrets in her past she refuses to talk about.

For instance, who is the dude that is waiting for her outside her apartment?

There are more flashbacks of Eddie and Delilah together in this episode and we learn that his necklace is missing after his son points it out. It appears that he lost the necklace while hooking up with Delilah and it was in her drawer.

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But that’s not it–Jon had found it before he killed himself so we can assume that he may have had an inkling about them.

This all brings us back to the fact that Eddie has a voicemail from Jon, moments before Jon’s death, which he refuses to listen to out of the fear that Jon may have confessed he knew about the affair. Oh my, this is getting more and more complicated as we go along.

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Rome made some attempts to understand his own mental health in this week’s episode of A Million Little Things as he went to Maggie for some therapy, or forced therapy rather. While she doesn’t want to be nor can be his therapist, she hears him out about what is going on and how he was moments away from committing suicide himself when he got the call about Jon.

During a group brunch, Gary tries to bond with Jon’s son as he asks him about school and love interests soon realizing that his son might have a crush on a boy. It’s quite the bittersweet moment because with Jon no longer around, his friends are stepping in to do what they can.

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Jon’s daughter, Sophie, struggles with Jon’s death in this episode as the father/daughter recital is coming up and she still wants to partake in it. She asks Eddie to be her partner instead and while he reluctantly agrees, he realizes on the day of that he can’t be the one to do this with her, and Rome gallantly takes his place–and does a darn good job.

Remember that mysterious folder from the pilot? Well, it makes another appearance this week as Ashley looks through the contents of it. While we can’t see the letter in its entirety we do see that Jon wrote something about an envelope behind a painting and him telling Ashley he had no idea he was planning on doing this.

The envelope contains something from Orchard Circle Life Insurance with everyone’s name on it including a mysterious one–Barbara Morgan. We have no idea who she is yet, but I’m betting the season won’t end without us finding out.

Gary and Maggie have an awkward run-in with a guy who is waiting outside of Maggie’s apartment as they head up to do their thang. Whoever this guy is, he had Maggie getting rid of Gary real quick. Perhaps, an ex-boyfriend?

Ashley reveals the restaurant lease to Delilah and Gina, and says that Jon left it for the both of them to do business together. It looks like Jon really planned every detail in the aftermath of his death, and tried to leave behind something for everyone.

When the day of the recital arrives, Gary comforts Jon’s son who thinks Jon may have committed suicide because he learned that his son was gay, but Jon reassures him this is not the case, and he would have been his number one supporter.

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A Million Little Things ends on an emotional note as Eddie finally listens to Jon’s voicemail that says “I was hoping to speak to you, not just leave a message, but…I need you to do me a favor, love each other.” Sigh. And just like that the moments of the episode that didn’t quite make sense vanished because–how sweet is that message?

A Million Little Things airs every Wednesday on ABC at 10 PM EST!