Daredevil NYCC recap: Bullseye confirmed and more!


Daredevil went to New York Comic Con with quite a few surprises for fans.

Convention attendees were in for a real treat this year as Marvel showed a handful of exclusive clips to the audience. However, Jeph Loeb and actor Wilson Bethel had the biggest news of the panel with confirmation that the latter is playing Bullseye. Fans have speculated since the new season of Daredevil was announced, but now it’s official.

To top it off, Netflix also dropped a new promo completely focused on the infamous villain. At the panel, the cast also revealed this season would act as Bullseye’s origin story. We’ll be introduced to him as FBI agent, Benjamin Poindexter, otherwise known as Dex. When watching the video, the quote Frank Castle comes to mind.

"“You know, you’re one bad day away from being me.”"

Honestly, it appears as though the government is able to keep Dex on the straight and narrow but something sinister is lingering right below the surface. It could take something small or simple to see him finally cross the line into an antagonist. This season on Daredevil, it seems like Kingpin will be the one to push him over the edge. Vincent D’Onofrio and Wilson Bethel both teased the unique but sometimes disturbing relationship between the two characters.

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D’Onofrio also joked by calling Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock a gnat who keeps annoying him. How will Kingpin deal with an annoyance? The trailer already confirmed the that he’ll be using a faux Daredevil to destroy the public’s trust in the hero. Who’s the new person behind the mask? It’s a smirking Bullseye who looks like he’s having a lot of fun.

Marvel released five exclusive clips for NYCC attendees only. Two of them involve fight scenes with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen himself which will definitely not disappoint. Another serves as an introduction to newcomer Joanne Whalley, who’s playing Sister Maggie. The final one teased the new dynamic between Karen and Foggy, both who are grieving their friend in their own way.

Out of the two of them, Karen seems to have the most difficulty accepting Matt’s death. Deborah Ann Woll teased that her character feels a bit isolated this season because Foggy has his own life now and her only family was really Matt. Since the two left things on shaky ground, she feels quite guilty and adamant that he could still be alive.

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The Daredevil panel introduced another newcomer, Jay Ali as FBI Agent, Ray Nadeem. His ties seem to be closest to Kingpin and Bullseye this season. Especially because, as the trailer confirmed and one of the clips elaborated on, Fisk is willing to make a deal with the Feds.

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