Ballers season 4 finale recap: ‘There’s No Place Like Home, Baby’


Ballers season 4 ends tonight with a season finale that sees Spencer try to recover from his misstep with the NCAA that almost cost him everything.

Spencer is at the cemetery visiting the grave of his brother. This is the first time that he has come to the graveyard since his brother’s death. He talks to his brother about everything and finishes by saying “f**k the NCAA.” Spencer leaves his championship ring on his brother’s tombstone and said that “revenge is a b**ch.”

The head of the NCAA got served by Spencer, who is now suing the NCAA.

Joe is meeting with Nike and they are passing on the pitch for the skateboarders – but they are just messing around. Nike loved what Joe did and they have an idea for something bigger. They talk about the big names that Nike works with and they want to create a shoe for the skateboarders. The shoes work under the black light.

The NCAA calls Joe while he is in the meeting. They tell Joe that Spencer just filed the lawsuit against the NCAA.

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The Anderson brothers are working out and they learned that Spencer is suing the NCAA and the NCAA has filed a countersuit.

At Ricky’s house, he is eating but then his family learns that he is using steroids, which is a PED. Ricky wants to know who snooped on him. Ricky is still denying it. Ricky asks who they are, and they said they are his family. They say that they are not judging him and then his dad tells Ricky that Charles put his job on the line for Ricky. He is still passing blame and Ricky said that he isn’t going to tell Charles.

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Joe is waiting for Spencer when he arrives. Spencer tells him that he is not afraid of a fight. Joe tells him that he is arrogant and that the NCAA and the NFL are coming after them. Candace called and threatened to revoke their registration. Joe said that Spencer took $250 million from the Anderson brothers and teamed with a 17-year-old boy on a sports network.

Spencer said that nothing will affect Joe, who responds that there is nothing more valuable than a guarantee from a liar.

Ricky goes to see Charles to sign his contract. That is when Charles said that he didn’t want this to happen, but he said that Ricky challenged his character and he came out better. This is causing Ricky to have second thoughts. Ricky admits that he has been using PEDs. Charles said that he told him not to tell him and asks why Ricky wants to f**k over people who love him. Charles said that if he tests positive after the fifth game, he will cut him, but he never told him. Ricky signs and leaves.

Spencer is doing a televised interview about his lawsuit against the NCAA and Jason is watching this. The Anderson brothers are also watching it. Spencer is told that they are coming after them hard, but he said that the streets and stadiums are built on the backs of the kids who played there. Everyone in college can max out their talents but the football players.

Everyone is watching, including Q. Spencer said that he is talking about his brother. The NCAA locks the players up and lets coaches leave and that pushed his brother to suicide. They wouldn’t reinstate him, and he wants accountability. The NCAA took his brother away from him and he is fighting and just put the NCAA on notice.

Joe tells SportsX to take that quote and send it out to everyone. He is on Spencer’s side now.

Charles is now holding a press conference to introduce the team’s latest and newest free agent signing, but it wasn’t Ricky. This is revenge for what Ricky did to him. Charles even gives Ricky a smirk and he walks out.

Joe is at the airport to greet the Anderson brothers. He tells them that Spencer is trending on social media. Joe tells him that he came out on his own. He shows them Twitter and that Spencer is trending. He asks if they want to be on the side of greedy white men who hold people down or men who fight for equality and get rich in the meantime. He tells them that the world has changed, and they might as well take credit for it.

Spencer shows up and the NCAA asks for a room to talk to him. They use Quincy as a tool to try to call off the lawsuit if they give him Quincy’s eligibility at. Spencer said no because it is bigger than Quincy. Spencer makes an offer and asks the NCAA to reinstate Quincy and pay the players, and they tell him “no chance.”

Spencer shows up at SportsX and Joe tells him that he has his back. He even tells Spencer that it is noble. He then said that he has proven that he can lead, so he is good with what follows. Spencer said that he is making good on not hurting the business, so he resigns.

Joe rejects the resignation and Spencer apologizes for failing him and leaves ASM.

Spencer is drinking at the hotel bar and sees on TV that Quincy had his eligibility back. Quincy is at home and throws away the Georgia cap and the Michigan cap. He then takes the Ohio State cap, puts it on, and then throws it away. He opens his jacket and chose USC anyway.

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Quincy said he worked long and hard and thanked his mother and everyone who helped him along the way. It is clear he is talking about Spencer. The bartender asked what that was all about and Spencer asks if he ever saw a movie called The Sting.