Single Parents season 1, episode 3 recap: ‘A Leash Is Not a Guinea Pig’


Single Parents have to deal with a new pet and a quick death!

In this week’s episode of Single Parents, all of the kids have to deal with a traumatic death in the family. It’s fun to see how each of the kids react to death and how the parents try to educate them on the subject. Twins Mia and Ella Allan, who play Amy and Emma Fogerty, get to shine in “A Leash Is Not a Guinea Pig” as the comedically stoic children.

The girls get a new pet guinea pig named Pickle, and Miggy is DJing a “welcome” celebration. However, Rory accidentally stepped on Pickle which has the families all scurrying to the veterinarian for the help. He’s devastated because he feels like a murderer, but the twins could care less. In fact, they managed to get some gummy bears so they are riding that high instead of getting upset.

Alternatively, Graham is absolutely torn apart by the chance that the people he loves could die. Angie offers up her scarf for Graham to sniff, but he would actually prefer to smell Will’s hoodie instead. For the first time on Single Parents, she’s threatened by her son bonding with someone else. It turns out, Graham even consulted with Will about wanting to join the spelling team rather than doing basketball. Will reveals the two are best friends and that they even have a secret handshake.

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To prove that she’s the only one Graham needs, Angie schedules an emergency colonoscopy before Will can. However, after breaking down at the hospital about wanting to be enough for her son, Will comforts her. She’s more than enough, and Graham’s entire world. It seems pretty clear Single Parents is setting these two up for a romance and we’re not totally against it. Unfortunately, Angie realizes too late that she doesn’t need the colonoscopy and ends up having to go through with the procedure.

Meanwhile, Poppy and Douglas get to spend most of the episode together. It’s a smart move, Poppy has raised her son to embrace all of his emotions no matter what while Douglas has encouraged his girls to repress everything. It turns out, he hasn’t even spoken with them over their mother’s death because it’s something he’s never even dealt with. However, rather than deal with his feelings, he breaks down at the pet store about not finding the perfect replacement for Pickle.

At the funeral for Pickle, which a drugged out Angie thinks is a birthday party, Douglas admits that he had to move on for the sake of the girls. The friendship between Poppy and Douglas is one of the most refreshing things about Single Parents. They’re completely different but they bring out the best in each other.

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Miggy gets a minor subplot this week but it’s still an enjoyable time filler before the end. It’s his first day working at the wine bar but it turns out that he doesn’t know how to use a corkscrew. He can’t distract a book club much longer so Sophie steps in to help. Proclaiming her desire to be a princess for Halloween is enough to have the women screaming about how antiquated the idea is. Unfortunately, Miggy only injures himself trying to watch YouTube tutorials. By the end, Sophie admits his troubles and the women end up helping him succeed.

Douglas takes the twins to the place where he first met their mom. It’s nice to see him opening up, unfortuantely, it’s showing his kids the strip club where she worked. They’re happy that they must be good at Twister because of their mother, but this will probably open up a whole new can of worms when they’re older.

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