Shameless season 9, episode 5 recap: Black-Haired Ginger


This season, Shameless has been about showing the dynamics of growth and progress, both through the Gallagher’s and the Southside at large. This week, those adult decisions and their consequences are confronted.

This week’s episode opened with a familiar scene, Fiona and Ford at odds of choices. Music was the subject of their disagreement but Ian’s pending court hearing trumped Ford’s architecture display at the museum.

Eventually, Ford is going to have to stand up for himself, instead of just finding an appeasing way to satiate Fiona’s bullheaded nature to solving problems.

Frank has finally imbibed and urinated away the surplus Mo White election campaign funds. Just as there is nothing less pumping good money into the drinking, nay election fund, there is no good fuel for Frank’s liver.

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He will have to begin a new regimen of drugs for the liver rejection to cease. With brown urine and a broke wallet, Frank is forced to take generics. Risks are the risk of sporadic blindness, facial paralysis, skin rashes and testicular soreness is quite an acting job for even the great William H. Macy.

Kevin and Veronica have played the facade of diligent consultants and warriors for women rights for all it is worth. Kevin hearing the stories and trauma of the women speaking at the march showed him how small his voice really was to the movement.

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Veronica and her woman in arms at the bar explained the small examples that led tot he #MeToo and #TimesUp movement. And the men in the bar agreed it was exhausting, especially the ones on the wrong end of Veronica and Svetlana’s wrath.

Women continue to bring trouble to the Gallagher men, and even Debbie now. Debbie is at odds with her sexual feelings, and not comfortable not being good at something she just started experimenting with. Listening to the lesbian drama is more exhausting than listening to any other, and expensive even at Patty’s.

Liam and Carl are not questioning their sexuality, but rather the decision their self’s will wander into just for the curiosity of a woman. Liam can happily scream “Not The Father” in a public school while Carl has met the father that could determine his West Point fate.

He did so by rambling through a distinguished vets house and fooling around with his daughter. No better first impression than a Gallagher first impression. At least both Carl and Liam know how to properly pass a knife.

Ian’s only questioning his decision regarding a plea agreement, though he does give thought to running. Papa Malcovich’s advice and tales of the prison yard had Ian entertaining the thought of running.

Especially when it is revealed the MICKEY IS IN MEXICO! OMG! Time to dye some hair and pack some bags! But Ian thought better of it, and in the end, gave a rousing speech to serve as Ian’s send-off moment.

Lip is trying to find an outlet. Working on bikes all day is a task, but it gives him no release. Unless he is releasing money to help a single mom, as he has done several times. But Lip needs a new project.

Racing bikes tickle his adventurous side but helping other addicts will be more constructive to his sobriety program. He smokes like a chimney yet apparently clocks 16 minute 5k times. He can’t keep running from a booze problem, just to see shelves of alcohol as soon as he needs a smoke break.

Fiona is learning that ‘Going Fiona’ is a thing. She helicopters into the family kitchen looking dressed for a high rise. She asks a few questions that she is weeks behind in the Gallagher newsletter of events. Fiona can only be so involved before her juggling act comes crashing down.

The Gallaghers are at a crossroads with decisions to be made. Everyone is trying to unburden themselves from the others. No one wants to bother the rest of the family with their problems. Lip and Fiona still want to help but are in different stages of realizing there is only so much they can do.

The consequences of one Gallagher’s actions shouldn’t be a burden on everyone. In not having Lip rise up and out of the Southside, Shameless has gradually shown each Gallagher utilizing their own brand of intelligence, along with their flawed decision making.

Frank and Lip will get more acquainted with Katey Sagal and Courtney Cox next week, while Fiona fights for control of her investments. At the halfway mark, Lip is trying to quickly reach a finish line that only comes slowly.

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Fiona is adjusting to her new life, while Ian says goodbye before prison. Liam is now to puberty, Carl is on his way to West Point. Where is the rest of season 9 going?

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