Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker says series is more than science fiction


Last week we were introduced to the new Doctor Who, and fans immediately fell in love with the incomparable Jodie Whittaker who believes the show is more than just sci-fi.

Doctor Who has made great strides by introducing its first female Doctor and we have to say that she did one hell of a job. And while the show is primarily associated with the science fiction genre, Jodie Whittaker believes its so much more than that.

The Doctor is an alien being but Whittaker says that the character is not restricted to social etiquette or time periods, which leaves room for so many adventures and stories. Being a galactic traveler, the Doctor gets to partake in experiences that are not like anything else and Whittaker believes confining it to just sci-fi does not do it justice.

Due to this beautiful, unique nature of Doctor Who long-time fans and new fans alike can enjoy what the show has to offer. This means a lot coming from Whittaker who is new to the universe herself and was not a long-time fan as those who played the Doctor before her.

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Given all the changes Doctor Who has undergone just within one season, it’s reassuring to know that the essence and core of the series have not changed. New showrunner Chris Chibnall is already proving himself to be extremely worthy of taking on this role and we can’t wait to see where the season takes us!

In an interview, Whittaker had a lot to say about the series and what it means to be the Doctor:

"“You’re playing an alien, you are not restricted to social etiquette or time periods or anything like that. You are a traveler who is there to experience and has this extraordinary way of viewing worlds and life and time and science and space and everything. And I think to limit [the show] to a sci-fi genre in its label does it a disservice because it’s its own genre, in a way. And yeah, it’s beautiful.”"

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Beautifully said, Jodie Whittaker!

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