Poldark season 4, episode 3 recap: Are we strangers?


Ross Poldark struggles to balance his MP duties in and his responsibilities in Cornwall. Meanwhile, George schemes to get back on top.

In this week’s Poldark, after months away, fighting for the abolition of slavery and for the rights of England’s poor in Parliament, Ross (Aidan Turner) returns home when he learns his mine may be in danger.

However, his employees don’t give him the warm welcome he was expecting. Things aren’t much better at home, where Ross and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) continue grappling with the “shadows” in their pasts.

Meanwhile, familiar faces return to Cornwall and George (Jack Farthing) discovers a new way to gain power. Here’s what went down in Poldark‘s third episode.

Ross & Demelza

Ross admits that he avoided coming home earlier in part because he believed Demelza was still hung up on Hugh (Josh Whitehouse). Demelza insists that’s not the case, but things remain awkward between them.

A day or two later, Ross visits Trenwith and briefly speaks to Elizabeth. When he later tells Demelza, he asks whether she believes he has feelings for Elizabeth. Demelza replies, “no more than you suspect my attachment to Hugh.”

Thus, once again, they reach a sort of impasse, but they also agree that they don’t want to be torn apart by “shadows.” They have become “strangers” to one another, but they resume their physical relationship in the hopes of getting their marriage back on track.

Three episodes in, this storyline feels like it keeps getting played on a loop. Ross and Demelza try to talk it out. Hugh and Elizabeth are inevitably mentioned. But, ultimately, Ross and Demelza agree to move on. Evidently, they are incapable of moving on, though, and it’s getting old.

The mine

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Demelza has been running the mine with Ross in London. When the workers report that the mine may be running dry, so to speak, Demelza writes Ross, prompting his return.

When he proposes they try digging in a new location, Zacky (Tristan Sturrock) and Sam (Tom York) accuse him of being out of touch.

I didn’t really understand what their issue with the plan was, but they soon change their minds anyway. Ross is sticking around for a few months due to summer recess, so he leads the excavation.

Familiar faces return

Ross’ cousin Verity (Ruby Bentall) and Elizabeth’s older son Geoffrey Charles (Louis Davidson) make long-awaited visits to Cornwall.

Geoffrey Charles, now in his late teens, has been actually been hanging out with Ross in London, where he goes to school. Geoffrey Charles hasn’t exactly become a snob, but he is enjoying a decadent lifestyle.

Verity doesn’t run into Ross. (Hopefully, she will soon.) However, she is able to spend quality time with Demelza and her former sister-in-law Elizabeth (Heida Reed).

While playing cards, Verity and a surprisingly amiable Elizabeth reflect on how different everyone’s lives might have been if certain people “who think they know better” hadn’t tried to interfere with others’ love lives.

Elizabeth, for her part, admits that she shouldn’t have tried to end Verity’s relationship with her now-husband Andrew (Richard Harrington) years earlier or Morwenna’s relationship with Drake more recently. The women vow to “let nature take its course” in the future.

George being George

George makes some new connections and a new plan. Instead of running again, he will buy a borough in order to influence the electorate and gain power that way. Plus, the borough has two MP seats, and he believes he can convince one of the representatives to step down.

George may succeed, at least in part. However, he will inevitably be disappointed again on account of his fatal flaw, namely, that he will never be satisfied and isn’t self-aware enough to realize that.

Caroline gives birth

Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) gives birth to a girl, who Dwight (Luke Norris) names Sarah Caroline Enys. Unsurprisingly, Caroline isn’t especially attached to the baby, but Dwight is overjoyed to be a father. However, his excitement soon turns to concern for Sarah’s health.

It’s unclear what Dwight fears is happening to Sarah. She doesn’t really cry much, so maybe that’s part of it? In any case, he makes a point of keeping Caroline in the dark.

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Morwenna & Drake

Drake (Harry Richardson) continues to pine after Morwenna (Ellise Chappell), despite Demelza’s attempt to set him up with a local girl, Rosina (Amelia Clarkson).

Meanwhile, Morwenna’s fights for her right to be her son’s caretaker after Whitworth (Christian Brassington) and his mother, Lady Whitworth (Rebecca Front), insist upon hiring a governess.

Poldark airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on PBS.