Daredevil season 3, episode 1 premiere recap: Resurrection


Daredevil is back but he has a long road to recovery.

The aptly named “Resurrection” is talking about Matt Murdock rising following his presumed death at the end of the Defenders. It’s exciting to be back seeing the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in action. Unfortunately, this is a very different version of Matt than the one we’re used to seeing. He’s grieving, angry, and frustrated with his situation but it won’t be long until he’s back on his feet ready to fight for justice again on Daredevil.

To kick things off we get a glimpse of that ending, with Matt eventually found by a passerby. He quickly requests to go to Clinton Church and see Father Lantom. Considering he’s still in costume, it’s amazing the guy actually takes him to the Church. Nevertheless, the nuns clean him up and nurse him back to a healthier state.

Lantom listens to Matthew’s confession where he talks about Elektra. She’s on his mind throughout the beginning of Daredevil. He offers his condolences and communion so his confession can be official. Unfortunately, Matt isn’t exactly in a spiritual mood and he rolls over to ignore the priest. As he points out to some young kids who want to know what happened to him, life happened.

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Sister Maggie interrupts the boys who snuck in to see him and gets some time to talk with Matt. She’s a pretty major comic book character for Daredevil, and it’ll be exciting to see what she does this season. Nonetheless, she changes his bandages and they catch up with Maggie questioning his sight. He reassures her that, yes, he is in fact blind. But it still doesn’t mean he can stay at the Church. Maggie asks if there’s someone they can contact however Matt says he’s completely alone.

His faith has been shaken to his core. The Father lets him stay underneath the Church, away from the children but Matt’s still not feeling like himself. He’s angry at God, and his monologue to Sister Maggie shows us just how frustrated he actually is. Throughout Daredevil and the comics, his Catholic faith has always been one of his defining characteristics. Now he’s more interested in “dying as the devil than living as Matt Murdock”. She leaves his cross, hoping it will provide some comfort to him during this difficult time.

How are Karen and Foggy dealing with his alleged death? Well, the former doesn’t seem to be handling it at all. She’s taken to spending time at his apartment, and we get to see a flashback to the night when he revealed himself as Daredevil. We also get to see Matt promise to let the Devil in Hell’s Kitchen go but Karen left skeptical. Her trip down memory lane is cut short when Foggy shows up.

She asks for help convincing Matt’s landlord to give her an extension since she’s covering both of their rents. Foggy seems to agree but points out that it’s unlikely their friend is ever coming back. A building fell on him, and no one has heard from him since. At this point, Foggy is trying to move past this but still carries the guilt of handing him the costume one last time.

Back in the Church, Sister Maggie tries giving him some tough love. It actually kind of works, because the next morning he works up willing to train. Using a makeshift neti pot, he cleans the blood out of his nose. He’s able to feel the vibrations from the subway line, and just like that Matt is ready to get back to work. Sister Maggie convinces the Priest to bring in a boxer to help Matt see his abilities. At first, he has the upper hand but eventually, it’s a fight he loses.

Matt isn’t about to sit around and wait to get better. He suits up in the black costume we’ve seen from the trailers and heads to the streets. While he fights well enough for a girl and her father to get away, he’s still soundly defeated by some goons. Luckily he makes it out of there before the cops can grab him.

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Daredevil also gives us a chance to catch up briefly with Wilson Fisk. He doesn’t seem to have that much confidence in his appeals process. Luckily, Special Agent Ray Nadeem arrives with a pile of debt and hopeful for a pay raise. He’s denied, but it seems like today is his lucky day. Fisk is ready to cut a deal in order to save Vanessa from prison. Looks like Matt is going to need to improve quickly if he wants to protect New York City!

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