Iron Fist season 2, episode 1 premiere recap: ‘The Fury of Iron Fist’


Iron Fist starts off season two with a bang!

While Netflix’s Iron Fist was generally met with mixed reviews in the first season, “The Fury of Iron Fist” shows just how much the series has matured. The fights choreography is impressive and slick, Danny no longers tells anyone who will listen that he’s the “Immortal Iron Fist,” and the Meachums are the compelling morally ambiguous heart of the show. If the rest of the season is up to par with this premiere than Marvel will have another successful series on their hands.

“The Fury of Iron Fist” opens up with a gang taking control of an armored truck after killing the three guards. Danny is quick to intercept them, and a fight ensues. Everything about the scene sets the tone for the rest of the episode. It’s fast-paced, the directing is great, and it has a noir feel to it like the other Netflix shows. Unfortunately, he’s surrounded by the gang after giving them a serious beat down, but he’s able to stop them using his fist.

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Returning home that night, Iron Fist establishes Colleen and Danny are not only still dating, but have also chosen to move in together. However, she’s given up the vigilante lifestyle and is now working at a center in Chinatown trying to help people become American citizens. It’s clear she’s not totally onboard with Danny’s continuing drive for cleaning up the streets, but at least she understands why he’s doing it.

Of course, she’s thrown back into the fight when a mysterious box is donated to the center where she works. It has her family crest on it, and the last known address for the man who dropped it off only has a restaurant owner steadfastly denying any relationship. Colleen at least intervenes from getting attacked by a young group of street thugs looking for more money.

According to Danny’s coworker in his moving company, Arthur, the streets are aching to go to war. Now that the Hand is gone, there’s a vacancy at the top of the food chain everyone wants to fill. Arthur is worried because relations between the Hatchets and Tigers have sunk to an all-time low, which will only mean trouble for everyone else.

That seems to include the restaurant owner who Colleen saved earlier in “Target: Iron Fist”. When Danny suggests date night at his restaurant in hopes the two can chat with the owner, they wind up being interrupted by the same young thugs in training. Unfortunately, the boys refuse to back down from a fight, so Colleen decides to teach them all a lesson. Meanwhile, Danny tries to interrupt the Tigers, who were called to intervene with the rival group. They are also undeterred, so the couple both end up getting into fights. Where Colleen hopes to spare her group of kids, she needs to stop Danny from caving one guy’s face in with his fist.

They aren’t the only ones dealing with shifting professions in the Iron Fist season two premiere. Joy Meachum resurfaces with a new apartment and a request to be bought out of her Rand Industries contract. Ward is immediately upset and outright refuses to let his sister walk away. Meanwhile, Danny is more than willing to sign if it’s what Joy really wants. Its clear Joy is an antagonist this season, but there’s no doubt the three of them will find themselves shifting alliances throughout the next few episodes. Their relationships are so complex, and the premiere already established Joy feels a bit guilty about wanting to destroy Danny.

Of course, she has a new partner who won’t allow her to waver. Yes, she’s teamed up with Davos who has become even more resentful since the first season. He blames his brother for the destruction of K’un Lun and wants to have the power of the Iron Fist for himself.  Danny naturally declines, and also manages to defeat Davos after he insults Colleen. Their relationship is that of an older brother who is envious of his younger brother’s good fortune. That jealousy and resentment won’t lead Davos down a great path, and he will be the one to pervert his education from K’un Lun, not Danny.

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“The Fury of Iron Fist” effortlessly moves all the characters into place this season. However, the biggest question coming out of the episode is who Alice Eve’s Mary is. The series confirmed who her character was at SDCC but to avoid any spoilers, I won’t mention who it is. Her sporadic behavior is compelling right away, and I almost wish Marvel hadn’t given it away before the season debuted.

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