Daredevil season 3, episode 2 recap: Please


Kingpin deals with the ramifications of cutting a deal in this episode of Daredevil.

Right now, all of our favorite characters are separated as the storyline begins to come together. Fisk is still in prison, Karen is in pursuit of a story, Foggy is spending time with his family, and Matt is still assumed dead to the world. While other shows have struggled to make the set-up interesting, Daredevil leaves us on the edge of our seats waiting to see how everything comes together.

“Please” opens up Matt and Fisk struggling with the consequences of their actions from the premiere. Matt is crying in the Church, his faith shaken and his abilities nowhere near as strong as they used to be. Meanwhile, Fisk sits alone in an empty room looking torn at having to help the FBI in order to save Vanessa. The people in the prison are calling him a snitch, and one even tries to shiv him before Kingpin slams a weight bar on his chest. At least Agent Nadeem is having a good day, with Fisk’s information helping him singlehandedly take down an Albanian gang.

Throughout the episode, Nadeem comes across as more strategic and ambitious than he originally did before. He’s desperate to stay on Fisk detail and even manages to smooth talk the District Attorney into putting Fisk on house arrest. It’s exactly what Kingpin wanted and the police did not.

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Maggie once again approaches Matt and asks him where he went the night before. He’s still angry at everything but Maggie assures him that she won’t stop trying to reach him no matter how bad his attitude is. She even pokes fun at his comment of seeing God’s true face in the premiere. “Please” also shows us a flashback of a young Matt skipping class to practice with his cane. Father Lantom tries to help him understand that it’s okay to be angry but he can’t keep pushing people away.

People like Karen, who is clinging to any kind of hope that her friend could still be alive. It’s heartwrenching to see her grasping at straws to find some kind of answer. However, her editor is tired of running Midland Circle stories after the event is over. He hands her a new piece to work on, one involving the woman and her father who were attacked the night before. The woman is a socialite and the person who Matt saved the night before! Looks like these two might be meeting sooner than expected.

She heads over to the hospital where she meets Neda Kazemi (Jack Ryan standout Dina Shihabi) who immediately turns her away. However, Karen opens up a bit about her own past and being blamed for the death of her brother which earns Neda’s trust. The women get to talking, and Neda reveals a man in a black costume was responsible for saving her father. That’s all Karen needs to hear to be convinced that Matt is back.

We get to see all of Foggy’s family in this episode of Daredevil as well, including his brother! He’s headed back to the family butcher shop for a reunion party where his mother asks if he’d consider running the store. He promises to think about it, but his brother encourages him to continue following his dreams instead. The party is broken up when Karen comes running in hoping to share her latest revelation. However, Foggy isn’t as convinced and firmly tells her that Matt is dead. Knowing that he’s actually alive and seeing what it’s doing to his two best friends is one of the most heartbreaking things Daredevil has done in a while.

In the meantime, Matt is hard at work. He tells Father Lantom about choosing his path as a lawyer/vigilante after overhearing people’s prayers. Now, he knows that he’s Daredevil but God had nothing to do with it. Pretending to be an innocent blind man, he makes his way to the dry cleaners who assaulted Neda’s father. In another epic Daredevil fight scene, he’s able to take the three of them down and tie them up for the police.

Later, he shows up at the hospital and informs Neda that her father’s attackers are in custody. She should go down to the precinct and identify them. However, when she says “Thank God for you”, he seriously responds “He didn’t help you. I did”. Guess Matt’s faith won’t be returning all that quickly. Thankfully, showing up at the hospital lets him see some of the night’s carnage. A gaggle of injured FBI agents arrives for treatment and we learn that Wilson Fisk is officially out.

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What happened exactly? Fisk’s convoy is attacked by the Albanians looking for retribution. When it looks like our favorite criminal mastermind might bite the dust, a talented FBI agent is able to take them all out. His aim is perfect, as he uses metal poles to bounce the bullets to their intended target. How long will it take for Fisk to recruit this talented young agent into becoming his private security?

Daredevil is off to a great start for Netflix. While it’s easy to want to see Matt, Foggy, and Karen reunited right away, it makes sense that they’re separated. Matt needs time to recover from the devastating loss and it’s nice to see the other two return to their careers. However, we’re counting down the minutes for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to come back and take down Kingpin.

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