Daredevil season 3, episode 7 recap: Aftermath


Daredevil deals with the fallout of the attack on the Bulletin in the seventh episode.

Nowadays, information is quickly accessible by almost anyone in the world at almost any time. It’s what Fisk is counting on because the attack on the Bulletin spreads like wildfire. However, to the regular viewer, it appears like the murder spree was carried out by Daredevil. It doesn’t just ruin Matt’s reputation but also drags everyone else in his orbit down. “Aftermath” seems like it’s just the beginning of Kingpin’s schemes as he destroys everything Matt loves.

How has Fisk been able to control so much while remaining locked up in his penthouse? Turns out he has a secret room underneath his well-stocked closet. While his ankle monitor says he’s in his bedroom, FIsk is actually underground with a myriad of his own surveillance tech. He spies the FBI watching him, we know he can see the prison and has his own television access. It brings him great joy to see Daredevil absolutely torn apart in the news.

Matt is absolutely furious as he licks his wounds back at the Church. He’s lashing out at Sister Maggie, blaming her for convincing him to involve both Karen and Foggy. She apologizes and promises to no longer offer advice so long as he’ll allow her to stitch up his wounds. However, once she starts, he ultimately admits that he wants her to keep handing out advice. Right now, he’s worried that Kingpin will kill him and he won’t be able to defeat this new Daredevil.

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This is what’s a little bit irksome about the Netflix/Marvel Universe. A fake version of Daredevil arrives in New York City and goes on a killing spree but none of the other Defenders stop by to investigate? Jessica and Danny specifically were really affected by Matt’s death at the end of the crossover event. While Danny is technically out of the country right now, why wouldn’t Jess open an investigation of her own? She might not want to be a hero but she certainly wouldn’t let a murderer tarnish Daredevil’s legacy.

It’s not just his reputation getting destroyed. The FBI has dragged Karen in for questioning because she’s the only one left standing. Nadeem seems desperate to pin something to her, but Foggy is too good of a lawyer to fall for any of his tricks. She angrily tells him that whoever was under the mask last night wasn’t Daredevil. Karen also wants to know if he decided to look into Felix Manning or the Red Lion Bank. Of course he hasn’t, and Karen points out that the only man who could’ve proved Fisk was playing the FBI just conveniently died. Maybe the FBI has more to gain than Nadeem would like to admit.

However, the most heartbreaking part of “Aftermath” is Karen looking at a table of phones ringing within the FBI building. They belong to her deceased colleagues and loved ones are desperately sending texts waiting for an answer which won’t come. What’s even more heartwrenching is that Karen doesn’t get one phone call throughout the episode. The only people who care about her are Matt and Foggy. While both of them have important stuff of their own to focus on, it must be hard to feel completely alone during such a tragedy.

Poor Foggy doesn’t allow himself to fall apart until he’s safely back in his own apartment. The entire morning he puts on a brave face so he can focus on Agent Nadeem. At home, Marci is quick to worry since Foggy is barely speaking following such an event. He admits that he felt unsettled in the moments before he truly believed he would die. While Marci shoots down a proposal (she wants one when he really means it), the two have a quick romantic interlude to ease some of the tension. It’s a moment of levity in a dark season of Daredevil and we’re happy these two have been so solid.

Matt doesn’t check in with his friends because he’s so focused on tracking down the man behind the mask. He goes to Melvin, the man who designed the original suit, who’s sharing a kiss goodbye with his parole officer/girlfriend Betsy. While he agrees to help Matt, it’s all a ruse set up by Kingpin. He tries to lock up Matt with the second Daredevil suit and leave him for the FBI to find. However, Matt breaks out and leaves Melvin to be arrested while he focuses in on the mysterious FBI agent who’s pretending to be him.

Nadeem also seems to be hot on the trail of the truth even if he doesn’t want to admit it. After meeting with Karen and learning what Jasper Evans was going to say, his boss wants to pull the plug on the Fisk deal. He begs for two days to track down what really happened before they lose all their good work. However, the warden refuses to answer how Evans got out and lawyers up before revealing anything. Shouldn’t this be the tip-off that the prison is under Fisk’s control? Nevertheless, when Nadeem confronts Fisk, Kingpin just scoffs at the agent’s desperation before returning to his paper.

After spending an evening with his family celebrating his promotion, Nadeem is confronted by Matt in his basement. It seems like he’s finally willing to go after Kingpin, or at least try to save his career before it’s too late.

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Meanwhile, Karen goes to the hospital to check in on her coworkers. Her editor is in the hospital and is desperate to track down Daredevil. However, she can’t give up Matt and he angrily fires her if she won’t help. Karen calls her family and asks to come home for a few days now that she literally has nothing keeping her in New York. She’s coldly told no and offered no sympathy for the events she’s endured. We’re a little bit worried about the path she might go down during this dark time.

At least the good guys get one win, with Foggy claiming to have figured out Fisk’s plan. Marci comes home from her deposition to find him putting the pieces together. Could the team finally have a win?

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