Daredevil season 3, episode 12 recap: One Last Shot


Daredevil makes one last attempt to bring Kingpin down legally.

There’s a lot to like in “One Last Shot” even though it feels a bit like a time killer before the finale. However, we at least get to see Matt, Karen, and Foggy back on the same side after they’ve spent much of this season apart. While viewers won’t get the happy ending they’re hoping for this time around, Daredevil does set up a pretty epic finale.

Ray and his family are moved to a safe house for the time being. While they’re physically fine, Seema is fed up with everything happening. She had to hold her son while they waited to die, all because her husband was keeping secrets once again. He promises to fix everything, but this time Seema isn’t so convinced. Nevertheless, he heads downstairs to figure out a plan with Foggy and Matt.

Agent Nadeem isn’t the only struggling in the romance department. Fisk finally gets his long-awaited reunion with Vanessa but she isn’t as ecstatic as he had hoped. It’s clear he’s yearning for some kind of…appreciation? Or at least acknowledgment of everything he’s assembled over the course of this season. Instead, she just says she’s tired before retiring to bed without even commenting on their missing painting.

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Nelson and Murdock set up shop at the boxing club with their trusty manager Karen page. Nadeem and Karen set aside their differences with the former apologizing for not listening to her countless attempts to help. It doesn’t matter anymore since he’s helping now, and Karen goes to take her leave. She also seems to want something more from Matt. He does ask her to be safe, and any romance these two might have will definitely have to wait until later seasons.

With Matt and Ray left alone, the former begins questioning the FBI Agent. How could he work for someone like Fisk? How could he stand aside and let these monstrosities happen? Why not come forward right away? Nadeem breaks down admitting he wanted to be someone impressive for his son. He didn’t want to throw everything away even when he knew it was wrong. That’s all Matt needs to hear to be convinced.

Foggy has met with the current DA and brokered a deal. For one hour of his time, Foggy will drop out of the DA race. He admits that he’ll be dropping out either way because Fisk is blackmailing his family. Nevertheless, Tower agrees to listen to Ray. Appalled at what’s been happening, he immediately wants to take this in front of a grand jury. Matt wants his client to get full immunity or they walk. Even Tower says he can’t just let someone go after taking part in all these crimes and offers a deal for five years. While Foggy and Matt say no, Ray agrees. He did do the crime, and it’s only fair he pays the price.

Meanwhile, Kingpin is still stepping on eggshells around Vanessa. Even his famous omelets aren’t enough to initiate a warm welcome between the two. The problem is Vanessa feels lonely. She’s been surrounded by no one but bodyguards for months and even Fisk is treating her like something fragile. Their conversation is cut short when Felix Manning comes in to update the situation about Agent Nadeem. Fisk angrily reminds him to never talk business in front of his beloved before telling him to deal with the problem.

Dex has swapped his Daredevil suit for a regular one to go speak with Fisk. Unfortunately, Kingpin isn’t interested in chatting. He brushes off his protege and informs him that someone else will handle Karen Page. Desperate to get back in his good graces, Dex gets Fisk’s painting back from the woman in the previous episode. It’s fairly obvious he murders her off-screen, even Vanessa has to pick up on that. However, she glowers with pride when he informs her that he’s filling James Wesley’s position. Looks like she finally found someone to spend time with.

Karen and her editor make up on Daredevil too, with him ecstatic to see her. While he hasn’t forgiven her for hiding Daredevil’s identity, he’s just too happy to know she’s safe. Karen does offer to tell him the real identity of the murderer who decimated their office in exchange for a press conference.

In one of Daredevil‘s most inventive action sequences, Ray and Matt need to fight their way to the courthouse. However, Matt’s in his normal clothes, therefore, he can’t be seen doing any spectacular feats of fighting. Instead, he uses his hearing to tell Ray where to shoot while the Agent pretends to guide him through the mayhem.

Luckily, everyone makes it there alive where Ray gives compelling testimony. It finally seems like the good guys might win! Unfortunately, Kingpin informs the other jurors that he knows all of their home addresses. Just like that, everyone is too terrified to make a decision. Matt angrily stalks off, frustrated by Kingpin continuously using the system to beat them. While Foggy tries to remain optimistic, Ray ends up bolting to return home. There, he records a video where he sends a final goodbye to his family.

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Just like that, Ray Nadeem officially meets his end. Kingpin and Felix Manning want to keep him alive because of the public nature of this testimony. However, Vanessa believes this threat should be eliminated and orders Dex to kill Nadeem. Fisk will do anything for Vanessa, so he agrees but it’s clear this wasn’t his first choice. Killing Ray guarantees he’ll be seen as a martyr by both his family and the public.

Daredevil ends things on a sour note between Nelson and Murdock again, with the latter storming out. He’s not going to try doing it legally again, instead, it’s time for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to deal out justice.

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