American Horror Story: Apocalypse season 8, episode 7 recap: Traitor


American Horror Story struggles in the aftermath of Jessica Lange, Connie Britton, and Dylan McDermott’s appearance last week.

The American Horror Story crossover was a moment fans had been anticipating for a long time, and last week’s episode “Return to Murder House” gave us quite the treat. But going into this week, the momentum came to a screeching halt.

The episode had its moments, but overall it just wasn’t the thrill we were hoping for in the crossover season. Also, is that all we are going to see of Lange, Britton, and McDermott? Say it ain’t so.

After Madison and Behold’s visit to Murder House, Madison had a lot to share on the Antichrist himself, and none if it was good. This prompts Cordelia to gather all the resources she has to take down Michael in any way she can, and stop him from becoming the new Supreme.

And this very well may be the case considering Mallory is proving to be quite the witch herself. Did you all see her slice Coco’s neck open, pull out the cake she was choking on, and then patch her back up like it was no big deal? Or how she brought back John Henry to life?

We see a familiar Coven face return in this episode when Cordelia contacts Dinah Stevens the voodoo expert who takes her to see Papa Legba. He believes that he can help Cordelia with the Michael problem but she will have to pay a hefty price–sacrificing all of her girls’ souls.

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He already has dear ‘ol Nan who makes an appearance in this episode, and he would love to have the rest.

However, Cordelia can’t and won’t sacrifice her girls, even if Nan reassures her that she loves Hell.

Mrytle and Madison go off on their own adventure in an attempt to learn about the warlocks’ intentions.

They’re able to accomplish this through Joan Collins’ second character this season, Bubbles McGee, a mediocre witch movie actress who has the ability to read people’s minds.

Thanks to Bubbles, they learn how John Henry died and how the warlocks intend on getting rid of the witches as soon as Mr. Antichrist becomes the Supreme.

Back at the academy, Cordelia is showing signs of weakening and while we believed it to be because Michael was rising to power, it would seem it’s not.

It is in fact because Mallory’s powers are so strong and proving to rival that of Michael’s that she could be the other contender for the Supreme position. And as flustered as Cordelia may have been over Michael becoming Supreme, she is more at ease at the idea of Mallory taking over.

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American Horror Story takes an interesting turn in this episode after Mallory brings back John Henry to life who reveals a woman killed him, not the warlocks. After capturing two of the warlocks (Ariel and Baldwin) along with Miriam, the Coven has John Henry burn the three of them to a crisp.

The warlocks did not handle this situation well, but Miss Miriam Mead stood there laughing as she and everything around her was burning. Well, then.

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