Why is HBO not on Dish: The reasons for the HBO blackout


Dish customers got a rude awakening on Friday when they woke up and realized they no longer have HBO. But why is HBO not on Dish right now?

This is a power play by one or both of Dish and HBO and it is the customers who are hurt by the stalemate.

The fact is that HBO and Dish can’t reach an agreement on a new deal so Dish blacked out the popular premium cable network from both its service and its streaming service Sling TV.

The HBO blackout started on Thursday night at midnight EST.

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Why is HBO not on Dish?

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The answer to this question depends on who you ask.

Dish blames AT&T, the company that acquired HBO in its recent merger. Of course, AT&T has its own cable service in UVerse and its own dish service in DirecTV.

Since they are a direct competitor to Dish, there might be some foul play here.

According to a press release by Dish (via Variety), AT&T is attempting a new strategy of taking away the network from any service that is not owned by them. Dish also warns customers that there will probably be more blackouts coming for other services as AT&T tries to monopolize the industry.

Dish finally said that AT&T does not care about the customers or consumer choice and it just trying a power play to “grab more money or steam away customers.”

HBO has a different story

As always, there are two sides to every story — and the truth usually lies somewhere in between.

Here is what the network had to say about why HBO is not on Dish.

HBO says they have never been blacked out in their 40 years of operation. They claim that they want to reach agreements with “valued distributors.”

However, HBO claims that Dish is making it “difficult” and then called the negotiations to be unreasonable on the part of Dish.

HBO then requested that fans find other ways to watch HBO in the meantime, which for people under cable contracts can include online streaming services such as DirecTV Now and a direct HBO Now subscription.

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HBO is currently airing original series The DeuceCampingTracey Ullman’s ShowLast Week Tonight with John OliverReal Time with Bill Maher and Vice.

HBO also has Game of Thrones final season coming in 2019, as well as season 2 of Big Little Lies, season 3 of Westworld and season 3 of True Detective as well as the upcoming comic book adaptation of Watchmen.