Strange Angel renewed for second season


Strange Angel will return for a second season that is set during World War II.

CBS All Access has officially renewed Strange Angel for a second season. The show is based around the character of Jack Parsons, who has a dual fascination with both science and the occult.

Strange Angel season 2 will be set during the depths of WWII and Jack’s rocket research will be worth a fortune.

The basic premise of Strange Angel is that the line between what people perceive as science and what is considered strange or supernatural can become quite blurred at times.

This is why the show is first and foremost a historical drama, as what can be explained by science has changed radically over time.

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For example, the symptoms associated with the neurological disorder known as epilepsy were once thought to be associated with the occult and evil spirits. But after centuries of medical innovation and research, the cause of epilepsy is known.

There is also an interesting real-life parallel to Jack Parson’s character in the form of Sir Isaac Newton.

While he is known to people everywhere for his groundbreaking work in mathematics, science, and physics, Isaac Newton also had a keen interest in the occult and was particularly interested in the study of alchemy.

Odds are the dual world of science and the bizarre will be even more prominent during season 2 of Strange Angel.

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World War II forced people to confront the fact that even brilliant scientists were not infallible and could go along with things that were far beyond the world of reason, science, and logic. That is because there is a huge difference between knowledge and wisdom.