Poldark season 4, episode 6 recap: A run on the bank


On this week’s Poldark, Demelza and Ross try to thwart George’s latest scheme, and Elizabeth is desperate to keep a secret from him.

As always, George (Jack Farthing) stirs up trouble for his rivals on this week’s Poldark. But does he finally win the day? Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Heida Reed) faces a battle of her own as she tries to keep George in the dark about a sensitive matter.

Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) continues to hold down the fort but wishes Ross (Aidan Turner) would invite her to London. Dwight (Luke Norris) receives a visitor. Drake (Harry Richardson) contemplates leaving Cornwall for Rosina’s (Amelia Clarkson) sake. Here’s what went down on tonight’s Poldark.

A Warleggan scheme

Remember the dying man, Nathaniel Pearce (Mike Burnside), who Whitworth (Christian Brassington) was supposed to be praying for? Well, Pearce passes on in this week’s Poldark, but his sins do not follow him into that good night.

Pearce previously confessed to Whitworth that he embezzled money from Pascoe’s Bank, in which the Poldarks have their life savings, and Whitworth gleefully told George. Upon Pearce’s death, George seizes his opportunity and writes anonymous letters to Pascoe’s major investors, urging them to save withdraw their money.

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Harris Pascoe (Richard Hope) had been confident that the bank would be able to restore the stolen money quickly, but George’s letters turn the secret into a scandal. In order to prevent a run on the bank, Demelza borrows money from Falmouth (James Wilby) — claiming it will be used to pay her mine workers — and deposits in Pascoe’s as a show of faith.

Unfortunately, George succeeds in persuading one of Pascoe’s major investors to drain their account. All seems lost, until an unlikely hero steps in. Ross asks Basset (John Hopkins) to absorb Pascoe’s into his own bank, and Basset initially refuses for fear of ruining his reputation. However, Basset ultimately has a change of heart, establishes “The Cornish Bank” with Pascoe as a partner and even invites Ross to be a non-paying partner.

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Ross, Demelza & Elizabeth

After seeing Geoffrey Charles (Louis Davison) on yet another bender, Ross brings his young cousin home to Cornwall to save him from himself. Upon delivering Geoffrey to Trenwith, Ross has another friendly chat with Elizabeth and gets to bond with his secret son Valentine (Raphael J. Bishop) for a minute.

As Ross later prepares to return to Parliament, he invites a thrilled Demelza to join him in London for a month.

Elizabeth & George

Elizabeth finds herself in a bind when she realizes she’s pregnant again. This time, the baby is actually George’s. However, to erase all doubt of Valentine’s paternity, she’s want to deliver another miraculous 8-month baby, so she can’t break the news yet.

Despite her best efforts, Elizabeth can’t cover up the symptoms for long. After George brings in doctors to prescribe her medications for her mysterious illness, she has no choice but to tell him the truth. His reaction is so joyous that it’s almost cute, except he’s still a terrible person.

Caroline & Dwight

Caroline (Gabrielle Wilde) returns to Cornwall with Ross and Geoffrey Charles and surprises Dwight at their estate. She asks if he can forgive her for leaving. Dwight, being the wonderful person that he is, replies, “It was what you needed, so there is nothing to forgive.”

Soon enough, though, Caroline grows restlessness. She admits that she to return to London, but she wants Dwight to join her this time, and he happily accepts the offer.

Drake, Rosina & Morwenna

I haven’t been rooting for Drake and Rosina to end up together, but I do respect Rosina after this episode. She bears no ill will toward Drake since he had previously admitted his love for Morwenna  (Ellise Chappell) to her, and she even convinces Drake to stay in Cornwall, at Sam’s (Tom York) behest.

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She knows Drake is partially trying to spare her further humiliation. However, she tells him that she’s not going to let painful gossip run her out of town. And then she puts him in his place: if she can take the heat, surely he can, too.

Thus, Drake decides to stay, and quite surprisingly, Sam (of all people) convinces him to try talking to Morwenna again. Unfortunately, her answer remains the same for a devastating reason. She is pregnant again by her dead rapist husband.

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