Homecoming season 1, episode 4 recap: Redwood


Homecoming takes Shrier out of the equation while we get our first glimpse at the ingredients behind the mysterious medicine.

Homecoming reminds us that one wrong move and you get removed from the program. This is the fate that Shrier has met as a result of his multiple slipups and when this episode begins, we learn that he is gone from the facility with no news or updates on his whereabouts.

Along with Shrier’s absence, we also learn where the medicine that is being fed to the men of the Homecoming is coming from. It appears to be a red berry from the tropical jungle and possesses the ability to erase memories. What type of berry is this?!

Walter learns that Shrier has been dismissed from the facility upon seeing the staff throw his things into garbage bags (even his harmonica!). When, where, and how Shrier managed to disappear from the facility is unknown but Walter is assured he’s with his family now.

Of course, he’s angry with Heidi because he explained the runaway situation to her and feels he is just as responsible as Shrier. Walter is also confused as to why it seems like all of Shrier’s belongings are being thrown away but once again Heidi chimes in to say that is not what is happening.

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They begin a session that leads into talking about Lesky’s death and how Walter feels at fault for it. He recalls seeing Lesky’s body after the explosion and the situation that led to Lesky being in the tank that ran over the IED.

Still eager to learn about the days of Homecoming past, Heidi goes through a box of her old things and finds a form that indicates she was in the hospital at some point. Of course, she has no recollection of this but she comes across an old phone that may bring some clarity.

Another flashback to the past introduces Walter’s mom who is frazzled by the whole Homecoming situation and her inability to speak to or see her son. She doesn’t understand the need to keep him cut off from the world, and intends on doing something about it.

Meanwhile. Thomas heads to Geist to see if he can learn anything else and comes face-to-face with Colin who errs on the side of ignorance when asked about the Homecoming project, Heidi, Walter, or anything pertaining to it.

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Thomas makes mention of the fact that he thinks Heidi was in the hospital because of something Walter did, and when Colin still refuses to acknowledge anything, Thomas mentions that he has been talking to Walter and Heidi which freaks Colin out.

Because Heidi and Walter have some sort of connection, it doesn’t come as a surprise when Heidi gets a hold of Shrier’s harmonica and hand delivers it to Walter.

And now their meetings have gone from her office to Walter’s room, and while there she spots a map that seems to have a whole road trip planned out on it.

Walter tells her the story of how he almost completed that road trip before he was deployed–driving from Georgia to California. When he finally made it to Yellowstone Park, his car died and he had to call his mother to help get a one-way bus ticket back home.

And then something weird happens, Walter and Heidi embrace in a hug, and you all know what I’m talking about when I say it was a hug with all the feels, the effect of which hit all of us watching. Before anything could even remotely happen, Heidi pulls away and leaves Walter’s room only to be seen by Craig who also saw her taking the harmonica.

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In the present, Heidi turns on her phone to see that she made and received calls from someone named Colin, although she doesn’t remember him at all. Her coworker at the diner persuades her to give this Colin guy a call and when he picks up the phone and realizes who is calling, he immediately hangs up on her.

Well, well, well–who’s the scary one now, Colin?