Tell Me A Story season 1, episode 2 recap: Loss


Tell Me A Story continues to explore the “Three Little Pigs” angle of the story — but what about Hansel & Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood?

Tell Me A Story is supposed to be a dark take on classic fairytale stories but so far we’ve only been exposed to the “Three Little Pigs.” Yes, I know, it’s only been two episodes, but considering that angle of the series heavily promoted, what gives?

Now, don’t get me wrong, the series is still intriguing in its own way, and the story is slowly but surely developing. After last week’s robbery gone bad, Jordan is reeling from the tragic loss of the love of his life/wife/fiance who was shot by one of the masked robbers.

This episode, “Loss,” picks up with authorities in the jewelry store investigating the crime scene as Jordan sits next to Beth’s body, heartbroken. And this loss really hurts considering moments before everything went down, Beth had decided to go all in to their relationship, and they were buying a wedding ring together.

Understandably, Jordan is beyond distressed and confused over losing Beth, but in order to bring justice on those that killed her, he needs to try and remember details–any details. Meanwhile, Eddie, Mitch, and Sam are trying to process what just went down, and Eddie can’t seem to grasp control of his emotions because people died.

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Worse yet, Mitch was shot and they can’t exactly take him to the hospital to have it looked at. For being the person that just killed two people, Sam seems a bit indifferent and is worried that Eddie is going to spill the beans and lose it completely.

On the other hand, Hannah and Gabe are keeping a watchful eye on the news to see if the dead man from the hotel room has been discovered yet. The relationship between Hannah and Gabe feels a bit complicated, and considering she just helped her brother cover up a murder, I’m sure that won’t help.

Hannah starts looking into the man that was killed and finds out he was a pretty horrible person that had been indicted for murder, laundering, racketeering, etc. Hannah is naturally pissed off being thrust into the middle of all of this, and it seems like Gabe didn’t know who else to rely on but his older sister.

After arriving at the police station, Garcia naturally has some questions about what went down, but Jordan is having a hard time recalling anything. He asks to sees Beth’s body before he leaves, and it’s extremely heartbreaking to hear him blame himself for pushing Beth to take their relationship seriously.

As he says his goodbyes and gets ready to leave the station, he recalls that one of the robbers had green eyes and looked like he was manic, perhaps high on something. It’s not much to go off of, but it’s a start!

Returning home to his wife, Mitch’s wife discovers he’s been hurt and is curious as to where he’s been all day. He basically pins the blame on Eddie saying he was high and attacked him, and he was trying to be there for his brother. Not cool, Mitch, not cool at all.

Remember in last week’s episode of Tell Me A Story when newbie Kayla hooked up with a guy who turned out to be her substitute teacher? Yup, that happened, and he’s freaking out because not only is she his student, but she’s a minor. But don’t worry, Nick, Kayla checked and the legal age of consent is 17 in New York–because that’s supposed to help him feel better.

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Naturally, he’s worried about ending up in jail (where he feels he should go after what happened), but Kayla assures neither her or her friend will say anything to anyone, so he’s safe. This doesn’t stop her from showing up at his doorstep after getting into a huge fight with her dad and trying to hook up again. But this time, Nick knew better and ended up nursing her back to health because she was so high and listened to her talk about losing her mother, and her fractured relationship with her father.

Back at the club, yes that same club everyone seems to visit, Eddie’s girlfriend hands over his phone and says that she made the calls he asked her to so his alibi will be rock solid. And it’s a good thing (for him) because Garcia manages to sort through videos of the protest from that day, and finds a shot of the three robbers and then another shot of Eddie a few yards away from the store.

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Facial recognition identifies Eddie and so she brings him in for questioning. Of course, he’s denying it all and says he has an alibi and they have nothing to go off of.

Unfortunately, he’s right and nothing damning has been presented that would hold up in court. But this doesn’t stop Garcia from organizing a lineup and bringing in all the witnesses, including Jordan to see if anyone recognizes Eddie.

After going through the first couple men, Jordan immediately suspects Eddie and tells Garcia that was one of the robbers–100%. However, the other witnesses didn’t point out Eddie in the lineup so he got to go free.

Obsessed with the loss of Beth and her murder, Jordan follows Eddie and learns that he is a bartender at the club. He doesn’t do anything, but it’s enough to freak Eddie out when Jordan shows up at the bar.

Alright, Tell Me A Story, you’re starting to take things up a notch, and I see you. But who is the Big Bad Wolf in this scenario? It’s a title almost anyone from the series could snatch up, so let’s see how that ends up.

Skipping out of a mandatory meeting at school, Ethan, Kayla, and Laney head to Ethan’s baller house where they get high off their minds. While in the hot tub, Ethan and Kayla start making out, and when Laney catches them, Kayla invites her into the hot tub and heats things up three-way style. But as soon as Laney and Ethan start making out, Kayla leaves so maybe it was her way of bringing these two together.

Gabe and Hannah are at odds over everything that has happened, but to make sure their stories are the same, Hannah goes to the club to confront and threaten Billy and make sure if cops come knocking, he says that the man was alive when they left the party.

It’s unfortunate because Gabe is torn over the entire situation and when he returns home and Hannah shows up to talk to him, she finds out that he tried to kill himself by overdosing. Luckily, she shows up in time to save his life, but boy, was it close.

And as they’re reeling from his near death experience, the news finally has something to report on the man that Gabe accidentally killed. But it’s not the news they were expecting, it appears his body was found in the Hudson River and foul play is suspected. Who moved his body from the hotel though?

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And then Tell Me A Story ends on a haunting note as Eddie calls Mitch to tell him that Jordan showed up at the bar and that he was called in for a lineup. If you asked us, Mitch seems way too chill about all of this.

But Eddie isn’t wrong to worry about Jordan–who is standing outside of Eddie’s house with a manic, crazed look on his face. Uh oh.

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