Jack Reacher TV series in the works from Paramount Television


A new Jack Reacher TV series is in the works, based on the popular thriller novels by Lee Child.

According to Deadline, the series will be a reboot of the Jack Reacher series, which has already seen two movies starring Tom Cruise as the former military drifter. Paramount, who made the movies, is behind the reboot.

Those two movies — Jack Reacher and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back — both were minor successes. The first movie made $218 million internationally on a $60 million budget and the second made $162 million with an identical budget.

The first movie saw fans discouraged when the 5’7″ Tom Cruise was cast as the 6’5″ Jack Reacher but he won many fans over with the performance.

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However, while the first movie was certified fresh (63%, 67%), the second was disliked by critics and fans (37%, 42%). The critical bashing and the diminishing returns doomed the franchise from further installments.

Deadline reports that there will be a new actor and this one will look more like Jack Reacher from the Lee Child novels — an imposing, burly character. However, other than that, there is little news to report as they are still trying to figure out the direction that the Jack Reacher TV show will head in.

With that said, this is huge news for Lee Child fans, of which there are some very famous ones out there.

Lee Child has written 23 novels to date in the Jack Reacher series. It started with Killing Floor in 1997 and the most recent book is Past Tense, which Child released this month (Nov. 5).

Jack Reacher is a former major in the US Army military police> He left the military at the age of 36 and began to roam the United States, taking odd jobs and helping people who were in dangerous situations.

According to Lee Child, in an interview with BBC Radio Manchester, he loved working with Tom Cruise and they had a lot of fun but he admitted his readers were right.

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Child said that the size of Reacher is very important and the Jack Reacher TV show will make that a huge part of his character. He also confirmed this is a reboot and a start over for the franchise.

Deadline also reported that the actual network has yet to be determined, with broadcast, cable and streaming all a possibility.

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