Origin season 1, episode 2 recap: Lost On Both Sides


In Origin’s second episode, Lana’s heartbreaking past is revealed as the passengers continue searching for answers about happened to the ship.

Origin picks up right where episode one left off. Lana (Natalia Tena) and Shun (Sen Mitsuji) find the man who’d been calling out for help, medic Max Taylor (Wil Coban). He’s alive but suffering from gunshot wounds, so Lana and Shun try to get him to safety.

Meanwhile, just outside that damaged part of the ship, Henri (Fraser James), the doctor, and Abigail (Madalyn Horcher) and trying to save the life of crew member Rey (Nora Arnezeder), who claims to have been attacked by someone on the ship and has a piece of shrapnel sticking out of her abdomen.

Lana, Shun, and Taylor meet up with the others, but Rey says they can’t let Taylor out. He’s the one who attacked her. Taylor claims he was attacking in self-defense because Rey shot him. Rey insists Taylor is lying, so Shun and a reluctant Lana put him in a holding cell, while Henri and Abigail get Rey to the med bay.

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Lana doesn’t want to give up on Taylor, though, and tries to convince Shun that they should save his life first and make judgments later. Realizing he can’t stand by and watch him die either, Shun agrees to take Taylor to the med bay.

But Taylor is acting strangely. When they make it to the elevator, Shun starts to question him. Is he actually feeling any pain from the wounds? How will they treat his wounds? Surely a medic would know that. Taylor insists he is indeed Max Taylor but seems to be possessed by something and begins exhibiting the same symptoms as the crew member who died in episode one.

Taylor grabs Shun’s gun, threatening to shoot him. Shun tells Lana to shoot Taylor, but she can’t bring herself to pull the trigger due to a tragic event in her past.

Who is Lana?

In episode one, Lana quickly established herself as a leader willing to risk her life for her fellow passengers. In episode two, we find out why. She was a career soldier until she was forced to take leave due to an injury. Naturally, she shifted into private security and was assigned to protect a prominent senator, Omar (Ray Fearon), and his 10-year daughter, Ruby (Millie Davis).

You can probably see where this is going, given that she abandoned her old life to board the Origin. But the writing, as well as Tena and Davis’ superb performances and chemistry, make the story devastating, nonetheless.

Lana bonds with Ruby, whose mother died when she was younger. Lana also struggles to maintain a purely professional relationship with Omar. On the night she and Omar finally give in to their feelings, gun-wielding intruders attack. Omar is shot, and Lana’s partner (Nic Rasenti) takes of him care while Lana goes to check on Ruby.

Ruby is nowhere to be seen in her bedroom and one of the assailants then attacks Lana from behind. After a brutal fight, Lana manages to grab her gun and proceeds to shoot in his direction multiple times in a kind of rage.

The attacker had been standing right in front of Ruby’s wardrobe, her designated hiding spot, and had begun falling over when the first few bullets hit him. After the smoke clears, so to speak, Lana realizes in horror what she’s done.

Who survives: Rey, Taylor or Shun?

Henri and Abigail manage to keep Rey alive long enough to get her to the med bay, where the real work begins. Henri manages to pull the shrapnel out, which inevitably makes Rey start bleeding faster. He grabs a suture kit and prepares to stitch her up, but his hands are shaking badly.

Abigail offers to give it a shot and is successful. Henri later confirms her suspicion that he’s not really a doctor, after all, but he notes that he never said he was. He just volunteered to help survey the ship with Lana when Lana asked if anyone was a doctor.

Meanwhile, back in the elevator, Lana remains frozen. Taylor tries to shoot Shun but nothing happens. Shun uses Taylor’s momentary confusion to disarm him, turn the gun’s safety off and shoot him multiple times. When Shun turns back to Lana, she’s covering her ears in terror.

Lana later apologizes for her not acting and recognizes that Shun could’ve died. But she insists that she just couldn’t do it. “I’m not killer,” she recites as a kind of mantra. “I’m not a killer.” Shun tells Lana if she’s not willing to do what it takes to keep their fellow passengers alive, “Next time, someone will be dead because of you.”

What else do the passengers need to worry about?

Rey tells Henri and Abigail that whatever attacked the ship killed by people going “inside” of them, as the now dead crew member had tried to tell Lana in episode one. The mysterious ailment was seemingly contained to that part of the ship, though; and with everyone affected now dead, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore, right?

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Wrong. Shun realizes he and Lana need to account for all the dead passengers in that section. They count nine, but there were supposed to be ten passengers in every section of the ship. Someone escaped.

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