Narcos: Mexico season 1, episode 3 recap: El Padrino


Finally, someone believes Kiki on Narcos–it’s about freaking time!

Narcos: Mexico has been a wild ride and three episodes in the stakes are higher than ever as Kiki continues to shed light on the truth. Honestly, it’s frustrating how much Kiki had to work to prove that there is something shady going on and the fact that the cartel even existed.

After much convincing, Jaime finally came around to the idea that the Mexicans were capable of organizing a cartel. But this only came after he realized that the supposed plan between the Mexican and American governments to take down the fields was fake. Basically, neither government plans to do anything about it, and would rather embrace the motto “ignorance is bliss”.

This particular episode of Narcos sheds some light on the fact that Kiki is the only Mexican DEA officer and how skewed the ratio is from a racial perspective. In fact, Kiki was able to use this to his advantage by pretending to be a worker and making his way onto the fields to investigate. While Ez Azul takes note of him, he manages to get away and make it home in time for the birth of his new baby boy.

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On the other hand, Felix is loving life. He has worked his ass off to get from Sinaloa to where he is now, and it hasn’t been the easiest journey.

But he doesn’t care about how he got here, because the amount of money coming in on a daily basis is enough to solve any problems and make him forget he ever had any hardships.

As much as Felix had hoped to be a non-violent cartel, the plan completely backfires when the DFS shows up at some of the traffickers’ homes and takes them and their families down.

Why did the DFS take such drastic action? They felt like they weren’t being paid their fair share, so you know they handled the situation.

Stuck in the middle of the DFS and The Arellano Felix brothers (who lost a cousin in the shootout), Felix had to make a decision that would appease both sides. Of course, this solution had to be made amidst a wedding function he was throwing for the son of the Sinaloa governor.

While wining and dining, Felix’s solution for the mess results in the brothers having permission to kill whoever killed their cousin and the DFS just having to deal because he dishes out the dough so they just have to do what he says–or else.

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Some may be wondering how Felix and the Sinaloan governor came to be acquainted. Felix used to be his bodyguard and is his son’s godfather, but the governor doesn’t see them as equals despite that connection. In fact, he messes with Felix’s head when he refuses to acknowledge the power he has achieved. Can’t impress everyone, Felix!

Where is Rafa in this episode of Narcos? Falling in love, that’s what! He spots a beautiful girl at the wedding and well, the rest is history. Literally.