Narcos: Mexico season 1, episode 4 recap: Rafa, Rafa, Rafa!


Rafa proves to be a huge problem for Felix in this episode of Narcos–but hey, the heart wants what it wants, right?

Narcos: Mexico is starting to pull together all the pieces of the Mexican cartel in a very intelligent way. It becomes very clear in this episode, appropriately named “Rafa, Rafa, Rafa!”, that Rafa is going to be a huge problem. Ever since he has fallen for Sofia, nothing else matters to him. In fact, in hopes of getting her away from her wealthy family, the lovebirds plan an elaborate scheme to have her kidnapped.

In doing so, they can now live out their romance-filled days in his mansion and make love wherever they please (which includes the diving board). Turns out Rafa did not do any research into who Sofia’s family is and what ties they may have to the Mexican government. Oh, Rafa, didn’t your brother teach you to be more conniving than this?

Basically, Sofia’s father is a high-ranking PRI party minister, a party which leads the executive branch of the Mexican government. Oopsies. It doesn’t take them long to find out who was responsible for taking Sofia and all eyes turn to Felix to ensure her safe return.

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If Felix dare defies the PRI then his business is in grave danger of collapsing. One would think Narcos would take this moment to create an epic sibling rivalry in which Felix turns in Rafa to bring an end to it all, but he doesn’t.

He sends him off to a safe house where Rafa and Neto fight and then end up getting high on cocaine. You know, the usual.

To alleviate the whole Rafa situation, Felix asks the DFS for help, but they in turn call in a favor with the promise of helping him out.

Basically, Felix has to take weapons into Nicaragua for the Secretary of Defense. Little does he know, it’s all a ruse to beat the crap out of him and punish him for saying no to the DFS at the wedding.

But Narcos is clever with this Felix capture because throughout it all, he takes note to the fact that a lot of cocaine is being sent to America. This gives him the idea to try and do business with the Columbian cartels (don’t forget, they’re all still alive at this point) as a means to make his empire even bigger.

In order for him to make this a reality, he needs to get the help of a woman named Isabella from Sinaloa, who apparently has all the connections he needs to make this venture a reality. Felix is one smart cookie, and possibly the most dangerous drug lord because of it.

The Rafa situation makes things a little easier for the DEA because they are able to get a bit closer to Felix. The DFS has made it virtually impossible for them to get anywhere near Felix, but now the DEA has teamed up with the Mexican police. But Kiki isn’t on board with how the police are handling the situation and questions their methods.

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The Commander in charge hassles an informant to get more intel on Rafa and then illegally obtains call records. He’s not following the rules at all (if there are any), but he doesn’t really seem to care either. Through his questionable methods, they eventually locate the safehouse.

Of course, just as they enter the safehouse, the entire mission is called off by a higher up. It shouldn’t come as a surprise but we’re left wondering who the hell is calling the shots in Narcos and why the DEA can’t catch a win for once.