Narcos: Mexico season 1, episode 9 recap: 881 Lope de Vega


Does 881 Lope de Vega mean anything to you? Don’t worry, Narcos: Mexico explains it all in the season 1 penultimate episode.

Narcos: Mexico is getting dramatic, and fast. And with Kiki captured, there is a lot of tension beginning to build up. Of course, no one seems hardpressed to find him, which only adds to the frustration. We have no idea why no one is freaking out or doing more to find Kiki. But it just sheds more light on how messed up the entire system has been up until this point, and how it continues to be so.

Neither country’s government is eager to find him, and it’s sad. Enter, Jaime. He’s furious, angry, and willing to go to any lengths to find Kiki–even if it means standing up to his superiors. Time is of the essence, and every second wasted means Kiki’s death is drawing closer.

Unfortunately, all the odds are stacked against Jaime’s crusade because not even the Mexican police want to help out. They’re on Felix’s payroll, so they’re simply looking the other way. Cool, guys. Really cool. But, worry not because there is someone willing to help out with Kiki’s disappearance.

One thing leads to another and Jaime finally gets the help he needs. Sure, it required a lot of administrative/logistical work, but he made it happen. All the while, Kiki is being beaten to a pulp and he’s not looking too great. The worst part is that Kiki can’t provide them with the information they need because he doesn’t know anything.

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But now, thanks to Rafa, they’re in too deep and have to keep going with the torture. It’s very heartbreaking to watch, especially considering how real-life events played out. The DEA takes a sigh of relief when a new Commander joins, but he’s basically useless and just as greedy as the rest of them.

Rafa kidnaps Sofia again (and she was eager to ditch her mother in the process) and the two of them head off to his private jet. The DEA intercepts them but Rafa manages to bribe the Commander and is let go.

The reason? Oh, that it’s not Rafa, it’s someone else. ::Eyeroll: Ughhh, can’t someone be good in the world of Narcos?

The Commander is replaced and someone else is brought on. This time around it seems like he’s ready to get things done the right way, and is focused on getting Kiki back. So while the DEA tries to figure out a new game plan, Rafa and Sofia head off to Costa Rica. They’re spending their time getting high, having sex, and living their best life.

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But not for long. Because as we come to learn, Felix has betrayed his own brother and leaked his location to the DEA. It’s a very a gripping and jarring moment because a brother has picked his work over his own sibling. Granted this sibling is the worst and responsible for everything bad that has happened.

Within moments, the DEA comes rushing in and swarms the mansion. Sofia and Rafa are cornered, and amidst the pressure, Sofia reveals that the man with her is Rafa. Does no one know what these guys look like?

So, is Kiki going to be okay? We’ll let you figure that one out.