Narcos: Mexico season 1 finale recap: Leyenda


The Narcos: Mexico season 1 finale is heartbreaking. The end.

Narcos: Mexico unleashed a lot on us, and it was rough. But the season 1 finale was next level, and we all know why. All season Kiki fought hard to try and take down the cartel. He would get close and fail, and ultimately it all led to a very depressing end.

No one managed to save Kiki. Even Felix could have done something about it, but he refused to. And it was tough to watch someone be murdered for absolutely no reason at all. It hurts even more that this is all based on real-life events.

The season 1 finale of Narcos: Mexico brought the end to Kiki’s life. His body found discarded outside of a ranch like it simply didn’t matter. Leading up to his death, Felix had him kept alive via adrenaline so he could continue being questioned. We’re telling you, brutal.

Ultimately, it was Felix who made the decision to end Kiki’s life. But it came after they both met properly for the first time. It’s a rather sad conversation because Kiki is aware that is the end of the road for him and well, Felix will get what’s coming to him.

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Kiki’s death is a bit of a wake-up call for the DEA and other organizations that chose to completely ignore what’s been going on. If Kiki hadn’t died, the ignorant decision-making would have continued, and it’s a sad reality we come to know about.

You would think that this season may have ended with Felix’s arrest or something of that nature–but, nope. Once again, he gets away by the skin of his teeth, bribing the new Commander along the way.

With the help of the Governor and a payment, Felix hid out in his home for a few days. Eventually, the Governor gave away Felix’s location just as he was about to jet off to Central America.

So, how does Felix escape? He offers Calderoni the tapes from Kiki’s interrogation where Kiki reveals how corrupt the entire government and police force is. Of course, the corruption goes almost all the way to the top so possessing these tapes would be a hell of a bargain.

Calderoni and Felix make a deal of $2 million and the tapes as Felix sets off on his merry way. Meanwhile, Don Neto is chilling poolside when his home is raided. Despite all the blood and violence unraveling around him, he persists to sit in the pool, watching it all go down until he is captured.

The members of the cartel think all has gone to hell and begun planning in Felix’s absence. Little do they know, he lives and is free, so sorry, about that fellas. The Mexican cartel lives on through Felix Gallardo.

But things aren’t exactly going to be as they were before, in fact, things are changing, and fast. Corruption has been identified, and now the DFS has been shut down. The police force is scrambling which means little to no protection for Felix.

Remember how the Governor betrayed Felix? Well, Felix got his revenge when he sent the Governor his godson’s head in a box. My oh my, Narcos: Mexico, you really went there.

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Kiki’s death and everything that transpired after gave birth to Operation Leyenda. An operation that was designed to track down those that played a role in Kiki’s death. This is how the season ends, and with Narcos: Mexico renewed for another season, it will most likely be where season 2 picks up.

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