Narcos: Mexico season 1, episode 8 recap: Just Say No


Narcos: Mexico gets complicated for the cartel as the DEA hones in on their vast marijuana fields.

Narcos: Mexico finally gives the DEA a win! After gathering photographic evidence of the fields of marijuana, the U.S. basically got cornered into doing something. All this time they’ve been chilling in the background, letting things go by, but now, it’s time to get serious.

Alongside the Mexican army, the DEA infiltrate the marijuana fields and burn them right down to a crisp in front of Rafa’s eyes. Who, mind you, barely makes his escape out of there. This raid went down as the biggest one in history–if you don’t believe us, look it up! It really did happen.

This garners a lot of attention for Kiki who makes the headlines. While all the fame and glory is great, it’s also putting his face out there, which could mean disastrous repercussions for him if anyone decides to seek revenge.

To continue looking into the cartel, two officials are sent in from the U.S. which disrupts Kiki’s plans to head back to San Diego. This isn’t going to bode well for his marriage, but he’s all in now, and there’s no turning back.

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Meanwhile, Felix has a hot mess to deal with, literally. The marijuana business is going to take a hit, but at least there’s the cocaine. Remaining calm is the name of the game, and all eyes are on Felix to make the next moves.

This requires that Rafa sit still and away from any of his shenanigans for the time being, but it’s Rafa, how long will that last?

Felix goes into strategy mode STAT on Narcos: Mexico and sends out his lackeys to get things in order. Amado heads to Juarez how they can increase their cocaine sales.

Side note: He goes on to take over the Juarez cartel eventually and becomes known as “Lord of the Skies”.

With so much attention on the cartel, the government is freaking out because they are in bed with them. Initially, the suggestion is made that Kiki is captured and tortured until he spills all the information they need. Felix is against the idea because it will only make matters worse to capture a DEA agent (seriously, guys, how is that a good idea?).

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All the while, Rafa isn’t feeling his best. Things are a s**t show and nothing is as it should be. In all his coke high fury, he decides that capturing Kiki is exactly what should be done, and uses the DFS to make it happen. Rafa doesn’t realize just how royally screwed he is, but we’ll save that for another recap.

By the time this episode of Narcos: Mexico comes to a close, Rafa manages to kidnap Kiki. Is it really worth it though? The investigations are coming to a halt now, so basically, this was for nothing. Ugh, Rafa. You dun’ goofin.