9-1-1 season 2, episode 10 recap: Merry Ex-Mas


Tis the holiday season on this week’s episode of 9-1-1 but don’t worry–the Grinch is right around the corner.

9-1-1 is all about the holidays in its midseason finale. And while almost everyone is in the holiday spirits, let’s just say Maddie isn’t exactly feeling up to celebrating this year. We can’t really blame her either given how frightening her Christmas celebrations were the year before. But don’t get too down because while 9-1-1 had some O-M-G, what now? moments, it also left us with all the feels and excited for the holiday season.

Most importantly, this holiday-themed episode had some hilarious moments which rounded out the myriad of emotions “Merry Ex-Mas” left us with. Ever heard of the not-so-friendly neighbor rivalry during holiday time? Well, the episode opens to two ambitiously holiday decorated houses. A husband is annoyed that their neighbors are getting more attention than them.

To prove a point, he climbs up to his roof and inflates the snowman. But in doing so, it knocks him off the roof and luckily something catches his fall. The holiday mishaps continue when a worker at a packaging plant accidentally gets knocked into one of the packages. He gets knocked out and comes to only to realize that the box has been sealed and sent off for shipping.

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Luckily, he had his cell phone with him and places a call into 911 where Maddie talks him through the entire situation. Through tracking the drivers and package down, they find the young man aboard a plane that had taken off but was forced to do an emergency landing.

And then there is the story of the Marine who was trying to surprise his little daughter in time for her choir concert. Unfortunately, the bus he is on gets into an accident.

He survives the crash and is then escorted by our merry band of first responders to his daughter’s concert. It was all the feels and me, along with Buck and Eddie were tearing up over the joy of it all.

Speaking of Eddie, he went through some emotional turmoil in the 9-1-1 mid-season finale, courtesy of his wife. At first, things seem to be going splendidly and they’re having nonstop sex. But it all comes to a screeching halt when Christopher and Abuela come home and Eddie makes his wife sneak out before anyone sees her.

All his wife wants is to see and spend time with Christopher, but Eddie is having a hard time trusting her. This isn’t exactly fair considering he re-enlisted when they first found out Christopher’s diagnosis. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

Luckily, Eddie comes around and grants Christopher’s holiday wish. They surprise him on Christmas morning with a giant tree and his mother popping out from behind it. Eddie is cute and forgiving? Ugh, you’re killing us, 9-1-1.

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You know what the happiest moment of the episode was? When Bobby proposes to Athena! Eeeep, a 9-1-1 wedding!! After Athena asks Bobby to move in, he seems to want to distance himself. But instead, he realizes he wants to be with her forever and pops the question.

I regret to inform you that this is the extent of the happy, fuzzy feelings 9-1-1 gave us in the mid-season finale. There is a dark, sinister presence lurking around in the form of Maddie’s husband. Yes, he’s tracked her down and found her, but he’s too clever to just show up and surprise her.

Instead, he “bumps into” Chimney and Buck while they’re out shopping for a Christmas tree. And then again at the store where he steals Chimney’s wallet and pretends to be a Good Samaritan. At the time, we have no idea who this guy is but if I’m being honest, I saw it coming right away (and well, the episode title too).

When Chimney and Buck surprise Maddie with the tree, she gets flustered and rejects the holiday spirit right away. It doesn’t come as a surprise because the previous Christmas, Maddie was trying to create the perfect holiday atmosphere for her husband, but he beat her instead.

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It was on that Christmas Day Maddie decided to leave her husband, and here she is now. But instead of letting her husband ruin yet another Christmas, she decided to embrace it. And how could she not with an adorable, supportive Chimney by her side?

And while Chimney and Maddie are celebrating the holidays together, Maddie’s husband is right outside–watching and waiting. Uh, what now?

Until next year, 9-1-1 fans!