Camping season 1, episode 7 recap: Birthday Party (Part 1)


Camping celebrates Walt’s birthday–disastrously.

Camping gave us a pretty hilarious season 1 penultimate episode, and at the epicenter of it was Walt’s birthday party. Since Carleen went missing, no one is really in the partying mood, besides Kathryn. She feels she spent her time looking for Carleen, and now it’s time to celebrate Walt.

Because everyone is being a Debbie downer, Kathryn suggests that they all do drugs. Obviously, she meant this partly as a joke but Jandice jumps on the opportunity immediately. After their tussle in the woods, Jandice is going above and beyond to impress Kathryn, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Nothing Kathryn had originally planned (such as the talent show) is on the table, so Jandice busts out her MDMA, which she claims comes from the guy who invented it. Each individual was given one pill, and within moments the entire party was tripping out.

It was a welcome change to see Kathryn let loose and enjoy herself. In fact, the MDMA drug trip allowed for her and Nina Joy to make-up and bond over the fact that neither of them wants to sleep with their husbands. Our hearts hurt for Walt who has been so neglected over the weekend of camping, especially given it’s his birthday.

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Kathryn comes clean about being jealous over Nina Joy enjoying sex because she could never imagine feeling the same way.

In her drug-induced state, Kathryn shares this with Walt at the end of the night in the middle of their romantic moment. You know what she got from Walt? A giant “go f**k yourself, Kathryn”. Ouch.

Kathryn and Walt’s marriage isn’t the only one that hangs in the balance after last night’s “Birthday Party” episode.

Nina Joy and George are still in a bad place and after their nature walk last week, he still plans on sleeping with someone else to even the score.

He attempts to court Jandice but is rejected on the spot–mind you, Miguel was right there watching the whole time. Poor George, things were only about to get worse from this point on for him.

While outside smoking a cigarette, Nina Joy and Kathryn notice a Vespa coming towards them in the distance. And guess what? It’s Carleen! And while they greet her, the mysterious man in the helmet has us all wondering who it could be. As he slowly took off his helmet, Nina Joy was shocked to see it was Braylen–the guy she had an affair with.

He bumped into Carleen on his way to the camping site and was coming to declare his love for Nina Joy. Once George realized that Braylen was there, he confronted and threatened him. Frustrated at his rage and anger (I mean, wasn’t it justified here?), Nina Joy tells George it’s over and takes Braylen back to the tent instead.

Carleen’s return didn’t bode well for Joe who spent all the time missing her but was all over Jandice when Carleen came to the party. She too has had enough of Joe and his “falling off the wagon” setbacks and says they too are over. What a party this turned out to be, right?

Jandice offers Carleen some drugs as well and the night takes a fun turn. Carleen decides to proceed with the talent show and sings a song for Walt, and she and Kathryn even share a sweet moment together. This didn’t last long once they started arguing over each other’s faults and it blew completely out of proportion.

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Where were Sol, Harry, and Orvis during all of this madness in Camping? Well, Sol was busy hitting on the local town girl while Harry was babysitting Orvis and teaching him all about the beauty of nudity. It’s safe to say the entire trip was amounting to a huge failure and hot mess–which leaves us to wonder how the season finale will be.

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