Escape at Dannemora season 1, episode 2 recap: Pablo Picasso


A love triangle forms on this week’s episode of Escape at Dannemora.

Escape at Dannemora has a certain appeal to it that isn’t obvious from the get-go. In fact, the whole storyline feels too creepy and disturbing but yet something about it also brings you in. For anyone paying attention, it’s obvious that something was going down between Tilly and Sweat. And it was a matter of time before someone complained about it.

Well, that moment came in this week’s episode, “Pablo Picasso”, after Sweat is removed from the tailor shop and his cell and placed elsewhere. Tilly is heartbroken over this sudden change and does not hesitate to voice her frustration and anger over it all. Side note: Patricia Arquette is really killing it as Tilly and exudes her character’s shortcomings perfectly.

Tilly’s reaction to Sweat leaving the shop is confusing and to be honest, frightening. And while one may think that losing Sweat is the reason for her shattered spirits, it’s just the idea of him. In fact, it’s the mere idea of having anyone but her husband that makes her feel full.

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This is why when Matt steps in to take advantage, it’s such an easy transition. Matt just wants to break out of prison, and he knows his only means of doing so will come through Tilly. He has found an escape route, now he just needs the materials.

He asked Sweat to appeal to Tilly and get them what they needed, but Sweat flat out refused. He was even more against it after his prison life was affected because of the fling with Tilly. This prompts Matt to take matters into his own hands.

He befriends Tilly through the guise of Sweat, and then slowly creeps his way into her heart. He talks about his children and knows exactly what to say to make her react.

She goes as far as calling to Mexico for him to tell his children he misses them. In turn, he asks Sweat for the picture of her dogs so he can paint her a picture.

Once he gifted her that, he very quickly made a place for himself in Tilly’s heart. Sweat who? A friendship rapidly turned into Tilly giving Matt a blowjob as he asked her to bring a hacksaw. During all this, Sweat grew increasingly frustrated with his crib and the inmates he was surrounded by.

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Realizing he has no other option but to take up Matt on his offer to escape, he asks about Tilly and tells Matt he is in for whatever he has planned. If you know the story of Escape at Dannemora, you know that this is kickstarting the premise of the entire series. Two inmates that have sexual relations with a prison employee who helps them escape.

How will they make it come together? I’m actually pretty interested in finding out.

Escape at Dannemora airs every Sunday on Showtime at 10 PM EST!