Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 trailer: Yippie Ki Yay, NBC


Brooklyn Nine-Nine dropped a brand new trailer on Sunday. They also dropped an alternate ending to the same trailer. Because it’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I’m so happy it’s back.

NBC renewed Brooklyn Nine-Nine less than two days after Fox canceled it last May. Deadline reported that the original pitch for the show back in 2012 received an offer from NBC. Obviously, the show went to Fox. The Chairman of NBC Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt rectified that situation.

The trailer that dropped shows Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) atop what looks to be the Brooklyn version of the Nakatomi building from Die Hard. Peralta is dressed like John McClane (Bruce Willis): he’s wearing a dirty white tank top and he’s barefoot.

Peralta is joined by Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), Detective Sergeant Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews), and Sergeant Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero). They need to get off of the building because it’s going to blow.

But wait! They can repel down the side of the building. Sure, the building is going to blow up and kill everyone way before they make it to the bottom. But, repelling is hardcore, bro! Diaz, Jeffords, and Santiago all sexy lunge into their harnesses.

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But, wait! There isn’t another one. It’s all good, though. Peralta has other plans. He’s going to sexy lunge at a helicopter that’s hundreds of feet away from him and moving farther away every second. He flies through the air like literally no one on Earth can. His backdrop? A slo-mo fireball (that would easily kill everyone repelling down the side of the Nakatomi building.

But wait! They made it to the ground safely. And, seemingly across the street from the building they were on. Logic and physics are for non-bros, bro! It’s time for everyone to compliment Jake. He clearly falls short of the chopper.

But wait! Peralta does not fall sort of the chopper. He’s hanging on by an arm with enough air in him to tell gravity to suck it.

But wait! None of that really happened. We were just in Peralta’s mind as he pitched a recruitment video to the crew. This trailer ends with Peralta suggesting they can ditch Jeffords.

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But wait! The alternate version keeps Jeffords and just has Peralta finishing his pitch to the crew. Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) says no. Peralta asks if Holt just wants a monotone voice reading facts over block lettering. And that’s exactly what we get. Holt lets us know that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back on January 10, 2019, on NBC.

Did you see the new All-Action trailers for Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Will you be tuning in this January? Let’s discuss in the comments!