A Million Little Things season 1, episode 9 recap: Perspective


A Million Little Things breaks our hearts with triumph and emotional flashbacks as Gary celebrates his first year of being cancer free.

A Million Little Things is truly a gem of a show. There is so much to love and appreciate about the story that has unfolded so far. And for the sake of how amazing it is, I really hope that it gets another season!

A lot happened in this episode of A Million Little Things, and they weren’t all bad. In fact, there is a lot of positive things to look forward to as a result of the events from the episode. First off, Gary is celebrating his first year of being cancer free. But this day isn’t as joyful as he might have imagined.

John’s absence is really taking a toll on him, and the fact that John was there for him through his entire treatment process doesn’t make it easier. Then there’s Maggie who refuses to get treatment, and it’s been just another thing that Gary does not know how to face.

All this confusion and emotional turmoil led to Gary sleeping with Ashley. And on the morning of the year anniversary, Gary is reflecting back on everything that has happened since then. John was his crutch during the chemotherapy, and Gary may not have been able to face all that came with it without John.

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Whether it was jamming out to music or just making fun of Gary, John was there. And it breaks Gary’s heart that the man who gave him a reason to live is no longer around. His suicide is confusing for Gary, and there are so many unanswered questions and resentment filling up inside as a result.

Gary comes clean about hooking up with Ashley to Eddie and Rome. Naturally, they’re not sure how it’s going to play out but hey, they’ve all done worse at this point.

The guys try to bring up Maggie, but Gary is not in the mood to talk about it. He’d rather just go to the Bruins game, but the guys tell him they have other plans and bail.

This episode of A Million Little Things is a great one for Katherine. I feel like we haven’t gotten to know much about her, but this episode changes that.

She’s making moves at work but it’s coming at the cost of her time with Theo. She’s given an offer to be a partner at the law firm, but ultimately when they refuse to give her time to be with Theo, she rejects it.

She’s looking ahead to the future and putting away her wedding ring, and embracing her time with Theo–and Hunter. Meanwhile, Eddie makes some big decisions for himself too. He’s asked by an old bandmate to join them again but hesitates because of Theo. But by the end of the episode, he decides to accept the offer.

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Delilah and Maggie get some time to bond in this episode of A Million Little Things, and it’s a welcome change. Maggie has to go give a lecture at a school regarding bereavement and Delilah decides to tag along. During the lecture, Maggie notices that no one is listening and suddenly starts talking about her brother.

We learn a bit more about he plays a role in Maggie’s decisions, and it’s all very heartbreaking. All you really want at that moment she’s talking to Delilah is to give her a huge hug and knock some sense into Gary.

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It turns out that no one was actually ditching Gary on this big day. In fact, they all threw him a surprise party to celebrate this monumental occasion, but something is off with him. He gives a speech where he breaks down about John not being there when he should have been. Gary’s overwhelmed with John’s absence and it all comes pouring out as he bursts out into tears.

And while everything may be a hot mess right now, there is one positive end to this episode. Maggie decides to get treatment. Yes, she’s doing it, ladies and gentlemen! Now, Gary–respond to her text!

Also, who is Barbara Morgan?

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