Vikings season 5, episode 13 recap: A New God


This weeks episode of Vikings deals with Alfred trying to fend off a possible conspiracy against him, King Harald doing some serious plotting, and Ivar thinking he’s a God.


Heahmund has returned to the chapel in Wessex still drenched in the blood of Cuthred. He concocts a decent lie (or does he?) to Alfred that Cuthred and his conspirators were plotting to overthrow the King. Alfred seems to believe him.

He restores him as bishop, much to the dismay of many of the lords in Wessex, but he soon curry’s their favor by announcing his marriage to Elsewith.

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Aethelred isn’t happy about Alfred’s decision-making either, and he plans to marry the daughter of the slain Cuthred. It’s teased that Aethelred is in on the conspiracy to overthrow his brother.

Speaking of Elsewith, she’s game to be Alfred’s ride or die and tells him she never wants to be seen as predictable. She’s far from predictable, Alfred just doesn’t know it yet.

Ubbe brings up the conversation he had with Alfred last week. But, as you’d expect, Bjorn is very against it. Might as well do it, though, because it gains you so much favor and all you have to do is let them dunk you in a lake while you pretend to renounce your Gods.

Rollo and Ragnar both had to do it once and it worked out nicely. Ubbe and Torvi agree to go along with it.

Magnus returns

In the most interesting plot of the week, Magnus, now all grown up, returns to Wessex. Remember Magnus? He was the son of Ragnar and Kwinthreth who Aethlwulf banished from the kingdom for his own safety. He’s quite bitter that Alfred never looked for him and that he has no power to his name.

Bjorn welcomes him as his own blood. Magnus doesn’t agree with the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok fighting for Alfred, it should be the other way around. Bjorn isn’t sure if they should betray Alfred. This certainly spices up things nicely, as if Alfred didn’t have enough enemies to worry about.

Floki’s Settlement

Things in Flokiland have seemed to calm down some. He gathers the two feuding families and begs for peace while also stating that he still believes he’s been reborn a God. For the time being, Kjetill and Eyvind agree to put the feud aside.

But Thorunn (the pregnant girl from Eyvind’s son) goes missing. Floki goes to his favorite spot by the waterfall to ponder. Annnddd the peace is over.

King Harald’s trip to York

King Harald makes a visit to York and immediately starts plotting with the Jarl to return to Wessex for war and plunder. He also wants to overthrow Ivar and take Kattegat for himself. Harald is by far the least trustworthy ally in this show. His betrayal was obvious. I still quite enjoy his character and would actually root for him against Ivar.

The Jarl doesn’t seem to keen on the idea of going against the sons of Ragnar, saying that all Vikings are sons of Ragnar. Harald disagrees and tells the Jarl to think on it. Of course, if he refuses, he’ll definitely be a casualty for next week… until he changes his mind a few scenes later. The Jarl seems conflicted and we don’t yet know where his true loyalties lie. If he becomes more important of a character, I’ll figure out his name.

Kattegat & Ivar’s celebration

Hvitserk sulks over Margarethe’s death, up to the point where he confronts Ivar in the Great Hall–who denies involvement. It’s interesting to see the middle brother stand up to his tyrant of a brother, reminding him that just because he’s king, not everyone in Kattegat loves Ivar and that Hvitserk is a son of Ragar, too. He has power.

Freydis appears to be the one responsible for Margarethe’s death. She goes to meet the man she slept with last episode (and the real father to her unborn child) and has him choked to death. Pretty obvious things weren’t going to end well for this guy.

The conniving wife of Ivar is really messing with his head. She has him believing that he’s a God, which will give him the ultimate power trip (as if he hasn’t had enough of one already). So a celebration must be thrown and a sacrifice must be made, a worthy sacrifice of such an event–Hvitserk? Would they really kill off another one of the brothers?

The celebration begins, Ivar and Freydis have some of the craziest makeup on I’ve seen on this show to date, and we’re led to believe that Hvitserk is the sacrifice. We won’t find out until next week, as the sacrifice is just a hooded figure. Who else would be important enough for Ivar to sacrifice?

The leftovers:

  • The security in the kingdom of Wessex seems fairly lacking. They let the Vikings walk around unattended and Magnus is able to attend the wedding ceremony even though he claims no one knows him.
  • Heahmund killing Cuthred sure benefitted him. Not only is his title restored, but he personally marries Alfred and Elsewith and performs the baptizing of Ubbe and Torvi.
  • “You’re crazy, Ivar.” -Hvitserk. Duh.
  • The Seer makes a brief return as he’s shown rocking back and forth in his bed in torment as the sacrifice begins. It’s definitely a bad omen.
  • If Hvitserk is indeed the sacrifice, I would’ve liked to see him put up a better fight.
  • Floki’s story is still 1-2 scenes on average, which at the end of the season, might tell an incredibly short story. Maybe it’ll pick up some.

Vikings doesn’t need bloody battles to be a good show. There’s plenty of plotting, talk of betrayal, love triangles, and Heahmund whisper-talking to make things interesting. I do see fans having gripes about fan favorite, Lagertha not having much to do.

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The Hvitserk sacrifice tease is certainly drawing my interest and I wonder if the show will go through with it.

I thought this was the strongest episode since Season 5 returned in November. My guess is the season will end with Ivar raiding England and this time failing.