Narcos: Mexico season 1, episode 6 recap: La Ultima Frontera


Narcos: Mexico takes a magnifying glass to Felix’s personal life as we learn he’s not the faithful husband we thought he was.

Narcos: Mexico premiered over a month ago and we still have a lot we want to talk about in the back half of the first season. In episode 6, “La Ultima Frontera”, we get up close and personal with the women in Felix’s life–Isabella, Maria, and some others.

Isabella doesn’t want to be used as a means to an end anymore and is ready to officially be a part of the Mexican cartel. After all, it’s her connections that have panned out, so we are in total agreement with her. Then there’s Maria, Felix’s wife. We were a bit hurt to find out that he’s not even a loyal husband.

In the previous episode, he rejected Isabella so we were all like yay Team Felix. But then this episode came around, and all the hope washed right away. Are any of the men in Narcos faithful?

After striking up a deal with the Columbian cartel, Felix now has to focus his efforts on getting the government of Mexico on board. Not sure how intelligent it is to strike a deal with one of the most dangerous men before confirming support. Naturally, Felix runs into some issues, and with Pablo’s cocaine making its way to him, time is of the essence.

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Meanwhile, Kiki comes up with a new plan to entrap Felix. The idea is to get Felix onto United States soil and then make the arrest.

To make matters more interesting, we learn that the accountant working for Felix is doing so undercover for the DEA. He tells them the location of a plane that has $6 million and some very important documents.

The informant is at the mercy of the DEA and has no choice but to cooperate. In order to trick Felix, he tells him that the DEA got a hold of the documents inside of the plan. By telling him, the hope was to get Felix to come out to El Paso to handle the accounts.

Everything comes to a head as Felix arrives at the border, with the DEA on the other side staking him out. But nothing ever comes too easy in the world of Narcos: Mexico, does it? Moments before Felix is about to cross the border, he gets a call warning him what’s waiting for him on the other side. And just like that, the DEA’s plan goes kaput!

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At this point, Felix has one more obstacle in his way considering the government is on board. That obstacle would be Falcon who was under the impression the whole cocaine deal was going a whole different direction. Felix promises Isabella a place in the cartel if she can go and convince Falcon to play nice. And while she ends up getting him on board, his life is over in an instant when the DFS shoots him dead.

The episode ends up in a win for Felix who is now ready to deal with the cocaine and anything else coming his way. This is all enough for Kiki to decide he is ready to go back home–everyone has a limit, right?