Narcos: Mexico season 1, episode 7 recap: Jefe de Jefes


Kiki’s wife decides to go back to San Diego as the Mexican cartel trio takes it to the next level in this episode of Narcos: Mexico.

Narcos: Mexico is getting complicated and messy. Not the series, but the character’s lives and the paths they are heading down. Kiki is up against a wall while the Mexican cartel is raking win after win. Will the villains come out on top? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

There have been catastrophic effects to the Mexican cartel joining efforts with the Columbian cartel. Of course, it’s great for Felix and his boys because they are making more money than ever. But it’s not so great for the city who have to succumb to the additional violence that has been brought in.

Side point: It’s really hard to hate the character of Don Neto because he exudes this swagger about him. But then this episode happens, and it sort of all goes withering away. He’s forced to face tragedy when his son is shot by his best friend (by accident). Under the guise of forgiving his son’s friend, Don Neto shows up with no other intention but to get revenge for his son’s death.

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The cartel is downright scary, and they are not messing around. To prove this point, look to the part of this episode of Narcos: Mexico in which two tourists innocently cross paths with Rafa. Due to his paranoid state of mind, Rafa assumes the two Americans are DEA agents and brutally murders them.

Felix has a lot to deal with at this point but he has to continue to maintain the order as well. At a meeting, Rafa is eager to bring focus to the marijuana business again and Isabella still wants to be a bigger part of the cartel. Nothing works out for either of them which only creates more chaos amidst the group. And with Felix’s wife gone, he’s not exactly on the path of righteousness.

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On the DEA side of things, Kiki is prepping to return to San Diego but is distracted when he receives photographs of the neverending marijuana fields. The hope is to rile up some efforts against the cartel, but how much can the DEA actually do?

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